Naomi vs. Billie Kay: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 28, 2018

Naomi vs. Billie Kay: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 28, 2018

One week after being defeated by Peyton Royce, Naomi locks up with the equally egotistical Billie Kay of The IIconics.


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105 Responses

  1. Stoney Loner says:

    Smackdown is better than raw

  2. Reese Thompson says:

    The IIconics are very talented. They deserve so more.

  3. Asuka says:

    Plot Twist: Dave Meltzer Created Controversy Around The IIconics So Creative Could Finally Give Em A Push

  4. Peyton Royce says:

    naomi lost to the iiconics twice, in 2 weeks. she deserves better.

  5. Maree Cena says:

    I think we should have a Woman’s Tag Team Championships

  6. Dean Freakin Ambrose says:

    The IIconics are pure GOLD. They’re very entertaining and they deserve to win more matches.

  7. Fabricio Sojo says:

    I am very happy, Maryse with this confirms that she will fight again, I am happy and honestly Maryse is better than The Bellas..

  8. wwe fan says:

    Really wwe ??? Again ?? It’s time for the wwe to stop treating Naomi as trash, it’s time for the wwe to stop making Naomi lose against Jobbers, when the wwe wants a Jobber to look good use Naomi.
    It is sad the treatment that the wwe gives a wrestler as talented as it is Naomi, one of the most talented wrestlers that has the WWE is Naomi. It is time to give Naomi what she deserves ….. to be a champion and with a good reign.

  9. A hardy fan says:

    Idc what happens as long as they are on tv 😍

  10. B0lbi says:

    Hold your horses slappers and clappers, they’re merely building this up so naomi can recruit a partner and finally have a semi good tag team match,this isn’t a burial ffs

  11. Asuka says:

    IIconics For First Ever SmackDown Women’s Tag Team Champions

    (Just More Backstage Promos & Regular Entrances Like In NXT)

  12. Music Channel 1738 says:

    Naomi loses to the The IIconics twice and everybody in the comment sections is already calling her a jobber and talking about how she deserves better😂

    • timbo831 says:

      +Chris Robertson ICONIC have had losing reigns through next and main roster while niomi actually got to be a champion I think its Iconics turn bc we don’t want a Charlotte flair who gets the cgsmpionship every time

    • chris says:

      naomi had her time , she was 2 time champ and was the long reign champ and she won first ever women battle royal. and she isnt jobbing, i think they will have naomi and returning asuka vs iiconics at hell in a cell ppv

    • alaishia mitchell says:

      Music Channel 1738 she lost because they cheated so all Naomi need is someone in her Corner

    • magnifecent1swagg says:

      +Chris Robertson 100 percent correct lol mandy rose deville can trade losses and wins with iconics not naomi bring smeone up to feud with naomi

    • magnifecent1swagg says:

      +Tyson Namok they beat becky lynch and charlotte i think

  13. The Exciter says:

    Billie and Peyton creating monster heat here. Thats how you do it.

  14. Matheus Martins says:

    Another victory for the IICONICS! Yaaay

  15. Sergio Osorno says:

    I’m glad The Iconic Duo is winning but do not turn Naomi into a damn jobber Wwe she’s a great althete former Women’s champion and first ever women’s memorial battle royal winner

  16. Kelani Garcia says:

    Got to admit IIconics deserve this win, they been losing a lot lately.

  17. O Aleatorio says:

    I am glad the IIconics r finnaly getting a push, they r so talented


    Billie Kay 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  19. Ryan T says:

    Billie Kay has a strange way of selling. I know it’s a style of selling but she executes it in a slobby way. She also looks confused and out of place in the ring lol.

  20. MLG Squidward says:

    Nice thumbnail Wwe

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