Napoli 2-0 Liverpool: Champions League Group E Recap with Goals and Best Moments

Napoli 2-0 Liverpool: Champions League Group E Recap with Goals and Best Moments

All the action from Italy where Napoli began their Champions League campaign by defeating champions Liverpool 2-0.

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81 Responses

  1. Samuel Morrison says:

    did van dijk just make a mistake

  2. Jacob Portillo says:

    Both English teams lose today.
    I’m happy with that.

  3. ArjunPlayz says:

    Lets go Napoli!

  4. Bear Grylls says:

    Napoli really knows how to hurt Liverpool, just like last season

  5. Wilko Weers_861 says:


  6. Big Drip Toast says:

    Damn Ancelotti lost a bunch of weight and Liverpool lost the game

    • xEXclusivex-3 says:

      CrazyDrummer 504 no you lost because you have the best defender in the world remever

    • Eduardo Quiles says:

      CrazyDrummer 504 how was it a dive?? He exaggerate a little bit but not a dive, Robertson was the one that lunged; he still had control of the ball.

    • Lord Brain says:

      xEXclusivex-3 they are not overrated. They lost due to a penalty and a mistake from Van Dijk.

    • sub angelico says:

      @xEXclusivex-3 Overrated ??? Stay off the drugs my dumb friend. When you win the Champions league and Lose the Premier by 1 pt. Your clearly not overrated. You are that good. Btw… They’ll win it this year..

  7. LTG says:

    As Liverpool fan It’s only one game. long ways to go. Liverpool will be fine. But I respect Napoli there a solid club.

  8. T Dot says:

    It was partly vvd mistake, but I also think it was Robbo aswell cuz he could’ve got to the ball quite easily but instead hesitated abit due to lack of communication with his keeper

    • minamda55 says:

      @Jayzee31519 Nah it was both. That back pass by VVD was in no man’s land

    • SmallBoiH !! says:

      TBH , i don’t think Liverpool lost the game they just had costly defensive issues at the back

    • Javier Landaverde says:

      @SmallBoiH !! The thing is Napoli does not play to advantage of Liverpool, Liverpool plays fast tempo, athletic and speed soccer. Napoli slows the temple know how to play in possession and pinpoint passing to the danger zones. Liverpool got outplayed and Napoli showed a recipe to defeat Liverpool.

    • MR FUTCHAMP says:

      Javier Landaverde I’m not even a Liverpool fan but don’t underestimate them after last years Championship

  9. palm tree says:

    Koulibaly is a fkn machine…

    Then here you have Virgil giving away free goals

    • Pablo Escobar says:

      palm tree pointing out your inconsistent logic isn’t salty. You’re still mad about 3-1. “Pepe dribbled last Van dijk” lmao sure. Frankfurt will smash y’all on Thursday.

    • Pablo Escobar says:

      Sherwood Henry palm tree kid is genuinely autistic. Either that or he doesn’t know how Juve Napoli ended. He’ll probably cop out and call you salty tho

    • Fernando Rivera says:

      @palm tree Every player makes mistakes dumbfuck… the fact that you cant name any other VVD mistake proves how amazing he is

    • SednaYT says:

      @redfaction 1278 he’s NOT thinking about it you idiot, he literally said in an interview “Barca will always be my home” amidst a bunch of shitty rumours that only idiots believe. Like you.

    • 98hfcblack says:

      Talking about giving away goals did you watch Napoli vs Juventus

  10. DSAP says:

    Van dijk can’t be passed……

    He also can’t pass either

    • Follow the brick road says:

      redfaction 1278 Messi has won something also . Infact he’s won many things

    • Aram Rodriguez says:

      redfaction 1278 dude, you sound stupid. You bring in Messi out of NOWHERE, of course you’re going to get backlash from it. I’m a Barca fan but I also like Liverpool, but you sir are a complete dickhead. You’re riding van dijks dick harder than his wife would. Saying he’s not perfect but then blaming Messi for the poor defense Barca had against Liverpool’s away game. Messi did his job in the first leg, he wasn’t able to do anything the second game because he was multi teamed by Liverpool (which was the smartest move they could have done). I applaud Liverpool for their comeback. But don’t be bringing up other players in order to defend your favorites. You’re the reason Liverpool gets any hate at all.

  11. İskender says:

    Just Llorente being on the pitch was enough to inspire last minute heroics, the goal was the icing on top

  12. Juve4Life says:

    The bottom row is empty because it’s a terrible view. They all sit in upper stands

  13. Luis Mercad says:

    There you go liverpool. Into the fountain with you!!!

    • Marcos Torres says:

      @Siddhant Kadam There is no percentage system. They all lost together. Valverde messed up, Gini bent Ter Stegen’s hand with his shot, The entire team was caught sleeping in Trent’s corner, Messi couldn’t get through the defense and had some terrible shots, Suarez diving around the field, the defense was atrocious, even though they won the first leg LFC was still the better team in that game. Barca was sent home, but they are far from a bad team and they are still a big threat even if they are going through a little rough time right now. Bayern can afford to be shit in the Bundesliga since the only close thing of a competition they have there is Dortmund. Of course, they are going to play better after the match with Liverpool because they only have the Bundesliga to focus on and not the UCL anymore. When it comes to the Champions League everyone is hungry. It’s not like the EPL, LA Liga, Bundesliga, etc. Everyone gives it their all. Look at Ajax beating Madrid, Roma kicking Barcelona out. Spurs were in the final because they won fair and square. Spurs are a whole different team with just Son in front and Harry out. It’s not their fault Man City got caught with their pants down in the first leg.

    • Javier Canizal says:

      @Siddhant Kadam luck? No luck… 2 seasons ago we beat roma in the 1st leg 4-1 i think and we didnt lose the 2nd leg we went to the final. Barcelona beat Roma in the first leg 3-1 and got eliminated in the 2nd leg.

      Barcelona again had the upper hand with a 4-0 vs Liverpool and got eliminated. No luck. Beast team moves on. Fk off.

    • Javier Canizal says:

      Also napoli might have won but thanks to a last min save by Allison last season against napoli we eliminated them. So fk yall.

    • LUISROB says:

      @Javier Landaverde how is it a 1 season wonder if they made the final twice in a row?

    • Javier Landaverde says:

      @LUISROB Does’t matter, you have to win for that season they lost. Fact is it’s hard replicating what Real Madrid did and it shows Liverpool are not as hungry defending it’s champions league title.

  14. Éric Midgǎrd says:

    Liverpool losing to Napoli away is starting to become a tradition, watch them go on to win the entire thing now -_-

  15. Nico says:

    Happy for Llorente. He gave his all for Juve. I hope he will shine at Napoli. Super underrated.

  16. Cesar Ramirez says:

    Lozano needs to play LW he’s not a forward ?‍♂️

  17. Behizy says:

    Nice win for Napoli at the Ice Pack stadium

  18. Johnny Trevino says:

    Lorrente gets his revenge for the Spurs v Liverpool finals!

  19. Drumzoo says:

    The bias of the commentators is hilarious????????

  20. ticktock98 says:

    penalty was clearly simulation do they not use VAR in UCL?

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