Napoli vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Napoli vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Liverpool begins their redemption campaign after coming just short of the title in Paris, traveling to face the always dangerous Victor Osimhen and Napoli.

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41 Responses

  1. FOREVER ELITE says:

    Napoli could’ve easily scored 6 goals but it was amazing and convincing win for Napoli.

  2. J G says:

    The second Napoli goal was so telegraphed but the defense just stood there like 👁👄👁

  3. JayCFC says:

    What a game for Napoli, especially for Kvaratskhelia, played amazingly well and absolutely destroyed Liverpool.

  4. TJ Whisenhunt says:

    Zielinski is such an underrated baller. Thought Liverpool would sign him this summer, they prob regret not signing him now

    • Nuhash Ahmed says:

      @Andres Cruz The midfield does effectively what its supposed to do in Klopp’s philosophy and that’s press the screws outta the opponent! Its not supposed to be a creative midfield; there’s no number 10 in pure German gegenpressing and Milner, Henderson & Wijnaldum were exactly that! Unfortunately Milner has lost a step and is therefore struggling! But Henderson didn’t player here but if he would’ve played this would’ve not happened because that man is a leader and he knows how to play a Klopp midfielder perfectly.

    • Andres Cruz says:

      They thought the player of the year Henderson and the mega captain Milner were better.

      The British legends of midfield of the past 10 years.

      Is a clown show. These dudes keep getting overhyped. Then they lose mane on top of that.

      Those midfielders beat Tottenham in a UCL final and Barcelona self destroyed one year. But in reality is a below average midfield Liverpool has worse than case, modric, busquets, zielinsii, pjanic, jorginho, kante, kroos, barella, locatelli, brozovic, KDB, bernardo silva, gundogan, kimmich, and everyone else in Europe.

      To be honest I’m actually surprised Liverpool has won so much with that midfield. All these time they were being bailed out by mane and salah

    • unsaved6 says:

      Zielinski is pure football talent.

    • Scan Original says:

      they got schooled man no two ways about it

  5. Fede Valverde says:

    Liverpool really said to chelsea “you’ll never walk alone” 😭😭

    • hatari hazard says:

      @sxy Roro lol

    • Wait What says:

      @Tonyis_Lit1 so who’s the best league? Spanish? Sevilla lost. French? Marseille lost? Serie A? Juventus lost. How is one team losing argument to which league is the best.
      Everyone has an opinion and not everyone will agree on which is the best league.

    • Ascended says:

      Historically, Liverpool and Chelsea are like two step sisters who can’t live without one another. Arsenal and United are the same

  6. Joseph Joseph says:

    Osimehn is just a treat to defenders. Hope he bounce back fast.

  7. Chika's Not Mad, Just Disappointed says:

    Liverpool: “We may had a bad start in the Premier League but let’s make that up by having a great start in the Champions League!”

    • PHILLINHO says:

      Klop need to be careful before he got fire.

    • Mahi mahmoud Bawa cisse says:

      What line up why this player are they division players

    • Nunzio Napoli says:

      @DDeglane16 Anymore ridiculous excuses? Maybe Salah had a bad infection of lice in that unkept head? Covid? Herpes?
      How about Karma?
      Liver Stool scored 9 goals against Bournemouth; humiliating that team and never even thought about sitting their starters down after the 6th goal.
      Karma. 🤌🏽🤌🏽

    • DDeglane16 says:

      That double punch to the gut of losing the league and CL has clearly devastated the team’s collective psyche. Add in the fact that this team is now approaching the decline stage of its natural life cycle, plus a raft of injuries in midfield.

  8. Craig says:

    I thought Napoli had a good chance of winning this game, and Napoli played much better than I expected! Well deserved win

  9. John Walker says:

    As a Rangers fan, this soothed my pain a tad. Now it’s hitting me we face this lot next week at Ibrox!

  10. Zachary Jones says:

    Class act by the Liverpool players in walking around on the pitch together! You’ll never walk alone!

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