Nardo Wick – Burning Up ft. The Kid LAROI (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Nardo Wick – Burning Up ft. The Kid LAROI (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Lyrical Lemonade Presents
Nardo Wick – Burning Up (feat. The Kid Laroi)

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Directed & Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Trademark, Looisey, WhereTFisRay & ProdbyCloud

Producers: Sigurd Fossen, Christer Dyngeland
Associate Producer: Jake Millan
VFX & Color: Scissor Films
DOP: Marius Aaserud
1st AD: Halfdan Gjerdrum

Steadicam: Stig Indrebø
1st AC: Bernhard Fitzinger
2nd AC: Markus Henriksen

Gaffer: Vidar Skauen
Best boy: Zeth Johnsen
Spark: Anine Blomdal

Grip car-rig: Roger Fosaas
FPV Drone: Marcus Fjeldheim
Drone : Kim Berg, Stian Fjeldstad
BTS: Michael Ray VC Angeles, Felix August Andersen

SFX: Theo Viksjø, Otto Tangstad
VFX Supervisor: Vilhelm Larsen

Styling: Karen Elieson
Styling assistant: Rikke Bøe
Prop maker: Jonas Aabrandt (Dekorverkstedet)
MUA: Anne Mathilde Hystad
Nails: Julie Larsen
PAs: Petter Bonsesmo, Michael Ludvigsen, Isaia Holsæter, Felix August Andersen, Erling K. Opsund

Masked boat driver: Grunde Myhrer
Speed boat: Skjeberg Marinesenter
Follow boat: Christoffer Johnsen
Stunt doubles: Gurcharn Singh Saggu, Glenn Slattum
Fixer: Jørgen Lodding Svindal
Equipment by: Storyline, Dagslys, FTE Location Service, Moviebird

Thanks to: Larvik Kommune, Skien Kommune, Laagen

Prod company: Sølvrev /

Shot in Norway

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32 Responses

  1. Lyrical Lemonade says:

    watch the behind the scenes video for “burning up” 🔭

    • xxx 18+ 28 says:

      All very beautiful. One needFriend.OnLine brunette and another blonde. l’m a young video enthusiast so I threw myself into this area, all already followed by 22M people. Hey your very nice, I love your videos.!! I have a vid request. Could you please do a video showing your workout plan/ routine for each day of the week?!!

    • MTK says:

      Nardo and the kid laroi inspired me to make music

  2. Anabolic Aliens says:

    I like Nardo the more and more I listen to him. Absolutely killed it here 🔥

  3. Brent Beats says:

    Whaaaaaaat, never expected this collab – I AM HERE FOR IT holy shit!!! More dark trap Laroi please 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Tenzi says:

    Cole Bennet has to one of the best directors when it comes to this 🔥

  5. Boyfifty says:

    this legendary 🌠

  6. Jai says:

    we didn’t expect this one, but this for sure will sound fire

  7. Cresce says:

    Big banger, nardo go crazyyyy. Ima get a video done by Cole one day.. I recently released three music videos in the past month on my channel. To anyone that takes the time to check them out and show love, I will forever appreciate it 🙏

  8. lilhomiexs8 says:

    kid laroi fan since 2019 🙂 he has become a greater artist as juice predicted and I see him making more music in future

  9. JustWayve says:

    I’m sure by now everyone knows
    they both never disappoint 🔥

  10. lxrd ₉⁹₉ says:

    Nardo Wick and The Kid Laroi never disappoints 🔥

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