Nardwuar vs. Harry Styles

Nardwuar vs. Harry Styles

Nardwuar interviews Harry Styles at the Coachella Music Festival ! Doot doo !

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33 Responses

  1. Zoë Edmonds says:

    i’m comparing how harry doesn’t act phased by anything he’s asked and tyler freaked out. it’s so funny. 😂

    • ryan bowen says:

      It’s called Tyler really needs attention and needs to make everything a big show and this dudes chill

    • Jaleel Khaleeq says:

      @Rebecca H I apologize on Americans behalf we all have this weird way of jus making things negative when nothing was even negative

    • Jerome Sharpe says:

      @Reece Authentic well no, it’s probably because Harry has seen so many nardwuar interviews before, vs Tyler who was interviewed when nardwuar was relatively obscure

    • Teaira Lashay says:

      Im starting to think harry is a psychopath. Either way id give my life for him lmao

    • Rebecca H says:

      @Reece Authentic you’re clearly American

  2. no fooking way says:

    this is how you should do interview, you can see harry is trurly happy and not uncomfortable at all

  3. Kitch Balgan says:

    Honestly, there were so many celebrities I never thought I would like, but then I watched a Nardwuar interview with them! Love you Nardwuar!!

  4. eraaan says:

    you can tell he’s so caught off guard with everything nardwuar knows haha

  5. Alexandra Guevara says:

    Nardwuar can single handedly bring one direction back together.

  6. Ivyyouidiot says:

    Could listen to Harry’s soothing speaking voice for hours. It’s so calming.

  7. Metashrew says:

    I find Harry’s dry delivery hilarious. It’s like the opposite of Nardwuar.

  8. BloodyBrilliant90 says:

    This is the most absurd and wonderful interview ever 😂 I bet he’s never gotten so many gifts from an interviewer, and never will again.

    • it's shayna says:

      Ikr I was thinking that. So many gifts of music this is why I love nardwaur you just know he cares about the people he’s interviewing and wants them to have a good time

  9. Vidhi Singh says:

    Harry humour is on another level when talked abt 1D toothbrushes. 😭..And idk how many times he said thank u to the interviewer …Gosh he is so cute ,kind,generous….I love him so much 😭😭

  10. SuperJNG18 says:

    The DETAIL that went into that pedal! That’s next-level even for Nard. I’m glad Harry was suitably awestruck.

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