Nardwuar vs. J. Cole (2021)

Nardwuar vs. J. Cole (2021)

Nardwuar interviews J. Cole on December 9, 2021 in Santa Monica, CA USA ! Doot doo !

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Doot doo !

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29 Responses

  1. The VBC says:

    Legendary !!! What a Christmas present. Thanks Nardwuar!!

  2. LLusion says:

    an hour long Nardwuar x J Cole interview? after he promised him 2 years ago? on Christmas?? BLESSED

  3. Jobiwuankenobi says:

    This was a great. Cole being himself and humble and the most of the Dreamville roster there. Another amazing J Cole interview as always.

  4. Joshua Naidoo says:

    All the jcole fans deserved this. Yall a good fan base i wont lie

  5. iCYBERsmurf says:

    Dude is just so humble and chill af. Mentally and spiritually that’s where I want to be.

  6. Jordan Hernandez says:

    Who can articulate better than cole. Please more Nardwuar. Let’s go! The human serviette

  7. K El says:

    J Cole is so self-less, notice how everyone that Nardwar menions, J Cole bigs them up like they did something for him. Introduced them as their own entity rather than saying he put them on. What a guy!

  8. Jaime Hurtado says:

    The level of respect J. Cole has for Nardwuar is EVERYTHING! That’s the level of respect and appreciation that every real artist should have for em! Nardwuar VS Dreamville next PLEASE!!! Thank you for this gentleman & Merry Christmas

    • dengmandang⚜️ says:

      He even made Cole decide to think I’m gonna actually do my hair today and get a line up and look fresh for this interview 😂

  9. You’re* says:

    Love that Cole never felt the need to try to be cool. He’s always himself.

  10. Bribe says:

    Love that Cole never felt the need to try to be cool. He’s always himself.

    • eccosx says:

      generic comment + fake verified account = free likes

      J. Cole & Kendrick are the two goats……Drake is too generic & Kanye is the goat of the last generation

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