Nardwuar vs. Tyler, The Creator (2022)

Nardwuar vs. Tyler, The Creator (2022)

Nardwuar interviews Tyler, The Creator at Beat Street Records in Vancouver, BC Canada! Doot doo !

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45 Responses

  1. Deburke321 says:

    This series of interviews are hall of fame worthy

  2. Ricardo Castillo says:

    Can we all agree that Nardward deserves a spot in the music hall of fame? His dedication to these interviews is just worthy of so much recognition.
    Love from Montréal!

    • reputablehype says:

      He’s got Michael Jordan level consistency, it’s crazy.

    • Blair Sadewitz says:

      He bootstrapped his career from nothing except his own ingenuity and enthusiasm–which he’s sustained ever since. Given that and his unflagging commitment to public radio, yeah, I think so.

    • no name says:

      Yuhhh MTL love fr ❤

    • weaselwag says:

      as a 90s kid, I grew up learning music from him on city/much etc. that hes still going and still relevant and still cool now is honestly insane. I’m almost 40. I was watching him when I was like, 8 lol.

  3. Jacques Slade says:

    Appreciate the kind words, Tyler. Amazing to see the journey you have taken. 8:50

  4. so_fly 2001 says:

    This isn’t an interview, it’s something better, it’s a genuine conversation

  5. Admiral Hackett says:

    Tyler is literally the only person ive seen interviewed who matches Nardwuar in energy and wit.

  6. Luci says:

    the energy of both nardwaur and tyler together is so wholesome

  7. soale seini says:

    It’s crazy seeing Tyler’s growth throughout the years. He’s matured so much, but you can tell he’s still the same person

  8. Loic Reviews says:

    That whole sequence at 20:58 caught me off guard 😭😭😭

  9. Connor Corcoran says:

    Tyler is such a genius. His music knowledge is so apparent in his beats and samples

    • ticctacc says:

      @Brandon tyler the creators a sick producer, i would definitely in no way say he’s a music genius but he’s definitely better than most producers out there. imo its his more recent lyrics that are kinda flopping tho

    • ANGLO GAT says:

      @Brandon man stop hating he’s clearly a good producer for a hip hop producer

    • lewis jopp says:

      @Brandon ratio

    • Brandon says:

      Using a lot of bass /=/ musically knowledgeable

    • Brandon says:

      LMAO wtf??? TTC is easily the worst producer in hip hop of all time. Say whatever you want about his raps, but his beats are straight donkey doodoo water 🗑️

  10. Blueberry_3ffect says:

    “You should be proud of your store” Tyler’s such a humble dude. Clearly is highly appreciative of what he has and what he’s made as an artist. And knows you should own your shit especially when it’s good.

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