Rhett, Link, and Liza Koshy try to follow their noses to stinky victory in the Nasty Smell Challenge!  GMM #1362
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64 Responses

  1. Liza Koshy says:

    Thanks for a smell of a time yall! It was a weird and often had dream, finally come true! It was really cool to get this notification with my name in it. Hope it can happen again! With less asparapiss

  2. TofuMaster83 says:

    Liza’s really on demand!

  3. Megan Wentworth says:

    “Pregnant salmon”

    Rhett McLaughlin 2018

  4. Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez says:

    The Mythical Crew has had to do some pretty crazy stuff for the show in the past, but I think being asked to pee on something really takes the cake.

  5. Mister_otter says:

    “Let’s be quiet a second”….

    Rhett 3 seconds later: POP ROCKS

  6. Manan Shah says:

    you should bring matthias on to the show

  7. Veridian says:

    Now I’m trying to figure out how Rhett would know what a pregnant salmon would smell like

  8. Veridian says:

    “Balls! Blue balls! Very frustrated and castrated balls!”
    Link’s quotes never cease to kill me 😂

  9. SydSmiles 47 says:

    Need to get Jacksepticeye on here

  10. Erndaworm says:

    Liza’s reaction when Rhett screamed “POP ROCKS” was so funny 🤣

  11. JOhkonut says:

    Wow! That smell tank is beautifully done!

  12. WorkWhale says:

    Liza’s on every channel but her own

  13. Sam I am says:

    You guys should really really really do a collaboration with drew lynch

  14. Crovax Windgrace says:

    Sponge! Lisa Kosha is a national treasure.

  15. McKee The Mouse says:

    Stevie: “Do not lick it.”

    Liza: *licks*

  16. Victoria Jacobo says:

    You guys should do a “guess that toothpaste brand”.

  17. Pamela Warren says:

    Anyone else prefer when it’s just Rhett and Link?…..😒
    Or maybe a staff member. These guest appearances do nothing for me.

  18. Zacharias says:

    She looks like a kid next to Rhett and Link

  19. Zacharias says:

    They constantly talked over Link, feelsbadman

  20. RaspyStatus says:

    Liza kept guessing by finishing Rhett or Links guesses .. anyone else notice that lol

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