Natalie Noel’s 6 Month Body Transformation

Natalie Noel’s 6 Month Body Transformation

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Natalie Noel took it upon herself to change her life both mentally and physically by sticking to a fitness regiment and becoming the best version of herself. Watch Ilya take Natalie through her transformation where she loses 30 pounds in 6 months! SHOP THE NATALIE NOEL BUNDLE that includes XEELA® Ashwagandha gummies, The 8 Week Fitness Guide by XEELA® in collaboration with Natalie Noel, The Limited Merch Drop and more all at

Natalie went from:
164.3lbs to 134.4lbs
37.3% to 26.6% body-fat
8:32 to 6:39 mile time

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Directed by: Jack Cook
Instagram: @_hjcook

Directed by: Duncan Heger
Instagram: @dunchegs

Produced By: Ilya Fedorovich, Alex Neumann, and Isabela Lopez

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17 Responses

  1. Jason Nash says:

    Natalie !!! I am so so proud of you. You look great and most importantly I know you feel great. Ilya, what can I say u have changed all of our lives with all this fitness stuff. You are an inspiration as well. I love you guys and thank you for keeping me going with all the work you are putting in. You guys rock!!❤❤❤❤❤

  2. toddy smith says:

    PROUD OF ALL U GUYS !!!!!!!

  3. Taylor King says:

    anything under a 7 minute mile is INSANE!!!! Congrats Nat!! I’m inspired af now 💖🤸🏼‍♀️

  4. Matthew Power says:

    The fact that he respectfully pushes her and doesn’t let her slack off is amazing. He won’t let her give up

  5. Heather Daniels says:

    We all need an Ilya in our lives, pushing us to be the best version of ourselves ❤ Go Natalie!!!

    • Brandon Crutchfield says:

      Illya is such a great trainer, I’d kill for him to be my trainer! I’ve struggled with getting my weight back down since I graduated high school a few years ago. He makes me really wanna workout and better myself, what a great guy.

  6. Hannah Walz says:

    I love that he is with her the whole journey. That support is EVERYTHING!! She looks so happy ❤

  7. Alexis Downey says:

    Actually crying. So incredibly proud of Natalie. I am at her starting position and I am so driven to reach my goals. I cant even imagine being 134 lbs but she did it and KICKED ASS! ❤️

  8. Soham Vlogs says:

    The way Ilya is so dedicated and determined to get her fit and pushing her through every single milestone is what everyone getting started needs!

    • Luis Hernandez` says:

      Don’t get fooled, I respect all the weight she lost and the running she did. but any runner can tell you she did not run a 6:39 mile. it’s disgusting to see a fitness company lie.

  9. Emily Campino says:

    I’m sure a lot of us can relate to Natalie. It was so easy when we’re were in high school or college and played sports. Now we have careers where a lot of it is sitting behind a computer. We are so busy or stressed with life we forget to make ourselves the priority. 2023 is all about self love 💪🏼❤️

  10. Alyssa Hall says:

    I really like how Ilya noticed that it was going to be different training a woman and changed his tactics a little bit! I completely understand the feelings that Natalie was having and I’m so so inspired!

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