Natalie’s 2nd Rap – SNL

Natalie’s 2nd Rap – SNL

Natalie Portman shares what’s new in her life.


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49 Responses

  1. Woody World says:


  2. Chris Golden says:

    I prefer the first one.. although kudos for Natalie for doing it again..

  3. Ray Ray says:

    My eyes are crying

  4. Woody World says:

    “You can juggle these nuts.” Damn Natalie’s a savage. 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Reggie Lee says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I would buy a Natalie Portman rap album.

  6. Brian Gabriel says:

    Damn natalie you still a crazy chick.

  7. turtlehead_47 says:

    She spitting bars

  8. Waterbear says:


  9. Paige Holt says:

    she saved snl wow

  10. Robert says:

    A new classic. Natalie Portman is the only legit white female rapper.

  11. Brandon Durham says:

    This is legitimately my favorite rap song

  12. steven alvarez says:

    The only sequel I’ve been waiting for.

  13. jehanr says:

    Meee saa has 17 Deees!!!!

  14. Simon James says:

    This was so good. Natalie killed it! This rap was straight fire and the Queen Amidala part was hilarious!

  15. Jane says:

    1:40 I died.

  16. Renato Costa says:

    The way she added the Star Wars prequel references was very badass

    • Bb Nn says:

      Prequels were the best. Middleaged star wars creep purist nerds are partly to blame for the shallow nostalgia of TLJ / TFA. They were raging for nostalgia pandering, but with left field stuff, they got it. The neckbeard brainwashing hate against the prequels was just some creep hate thing for George Lucas because Anakin got had a wife and nerds hated that he wasn’t like them the way Luke was: a lonely geek with some effeminate traits. That and nerds took intentional humor out of context that was supposed to be awkward, etc sand. Lol. They hated Portman similarly because she was not dorky enough for geeks. Which is why they were attacked for any emoting or under-emoting, whatever suited the neckbeard narrative. Ironic given Palpatine, McGregor were overall more camp in portrayal and writing wise.
      Prequels had better shots/ directing, stories/characters, humor, villains, imagery, payoffs, lore, effects, style and world. They added tons while still being familiar, for new and old audiences. Brought in new fans in a nice way. They did it well despite fake neckbeard clickbait jibberish rants over the years and bandwagoners online. Raging nerds with all the false sheepish overpraise of the dated originals, with local theatre company/70s sitcom level writing/acting, bad puppet and toy effects. Which created a sad aging fandom that will never be satisfied. They updated those fx for a reason. The originals were at times vastly dated and on many occasions mediocre. R.I.P Star Wars Lol.

    • Beef Fishstick says:

      Bb Nn Holy shit Bb Nn I found you here too bro!

    • The Chief 16 says:

      Beef Fishstick damn y’all both here too?!?!

  17. Alena lias says:

    *All this from a harvard graduate*

  18. Grammar Police says:

    That star wars reference though

  19. Tosh T says:

    *_”Xannies dissolving in my Pinot”_* 👍

  20. Devin McEachern says:

    I wish there’s a uncensored version of Natalie Portman’s second rap. I’d love to see it. Wouldn’t you?

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