Nate Diaz UFC 279 Interview: Fighting Khamzat Chimaev & what the future looks like | ESPN MMA

Nate Diaz UFC 279 Interview: Fighting Khamzat Chimaev & what the future looks like | ESPN MMA

Khamzat Chimaev UFC 279 Interview:

Nate Diaz UFC 279 Interview: Fighting Khamzat Chimaev & what the future looks like | ESPN MMA

ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto sits down with Nate Diaz to discuss fighting Khamzat Chimaev this Saturday in Las Vegas and more.

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31 Responses

  1. Bowls, Beers, Brawls says:

    Nate has an entire army behind him. Win, lose or draw, the respect remains the same

  2. Rick Baker says:

    People can argue all day long about how technical his fighting is, how good his boxing is, how smart he is, etc. etc. But nobody can argue that Nate isn’t a God damned gladiator with as much heart and will and determination as any other fighter we’ve ever seen… and I hope he isn’t putting too much pressure on himself for this fight because, regardless of the outcome, he’s already cemented himself as an absolute LEGEND of the sport.

  3. mark miniard says:

    An interview that actually went smoothly for 30 minutes with Nate Diaz is monumental

    • Tyler Reagan says:

      That’s what a great interviewer does. Let them speak and probe the questions that let’s him express himself and continue to speak his heart and mind. Not to interrupt and ask questions the haters or other want to hear. It’s what they need to hear from his side.

    • Awkward Autistic says:

      That’s bc dude didn’t really say anything lol… just let Nate vent

  4. Luk says:

    The more the interview went on the more he opened. That was amazing. Loved listening to him every second of it. I really hope he wins, it would turn the whole WW division around!

  5. Slave of God says:

    I think people misunderstand Nate, especially those that call him “delusional” when he claims he’s the goat. When he says he’s the goat, he means in the sense that, he’s been doing this since guys like Usman were in high school, Izzy was break dancing and GSP, Penn were the man.

    Basically, longevity, and influence is what he refers to when he states he’s the goat. Also the factor of not being put out cold whilst majority of fighters have been fighting less than him and yet have been KO’d numerous amount of times.

    And the fact that he’s never begged for anything or had to be the UFC’s puppet. Plus how he changed the game with CBD, picking his own fights etc. it’s a bigger picture than people realise.

    • Mr. Daniels says:

      yeah it is like when he says “who’s their guy?” Before Jordan’ Jordan had Julius. Before Julius Julius had Bill and Wilt. Before Kobe’ Kobe had Jordan. Before Lebron’ Lebron had Kobe & Jordan….etc etc. I get what he saying totally.

    • lowlowseesee says:

      Nah yo, he delusional lol

    • Jay says:

      The only thing Nate says that bugs me is that he was never finished, we gotta stop acting like Josh Thomson ain’t put him out fair and square 😂

    • kelako greenaddict says:

      well, thats what you think he means anyhow

  6. Nick Buendo says:

    Crazy to see someone like Nate give their whole life to this sport (First UFC fight at 21 years old) and to see how far he’s come yet he’s still the same Nate Diaz. A true G and a true person down to the core.

    • YMB 9 Shinzou says:

      His honesty is so captivating because it transcends even fighting or “keeping it real”

      It’s rare you will anyone in any walk of life be this honest in front of a camera. It’s a healthy reminder that most of everything you read, hear or watch on a screen is someone trying to hide one form of truth or another. I think that’s part of the reason he comes across so socially awkward… we’d all be if we felt compelled to speak our absolute truth.

    • desyncer says:

      @Cha Borz Nate probably doesn’t think he “won” the fight. He probably just doesn’t think he lost the fight. He of course go pieced up by Leon but he wasn’t down and out. So when he wobbled him late, him and a lot of fans probably thought that if there was a 6th round, Nate would be the winner. Nate is a real fighter and a real fight doesn’t end because of a time limit or referee.

    • Johnny Chanda says:

      “Ufc aint a career”

    • lee lunk says:

      NATE CTE BRAIN 17:59

    • Jenna G says:

      @Cha Borz lol. Lol. Lol. Lol.

  7. Floridaguy1984 says:

    Nate has always had fights stacked against him on purpose by the ufc they didn’t give him the push they gave others and nate has earned his keep more than any fighter in the ufc with the people he fought ..dude fought legends and top tier fighters his entire career

  8. MrHandsomeboynow says:

    Dude… he’s right. He has always fought the top guys, especially in an age of welterweights and lightweights not fighting each other and getting title shots. Looking at you Leon Edwards and Makhachev. So at the end, when Nate wanted a fight against a top guy, it’s different this time? For what? For what it’s worth, whoever signs Diaz afterwards isn’t considering his losing streak. Nobody is. Same with McGregor. It’s doesn’t matter, he’s bigger than his record.

  9. Alfonso Sierra says:

    There will never be another Nate, bro is going to make my cry after his fight is over.

  10. PixelStacker says:

    This was an amazing interview. Once Nate started to open up, he just went off & seems like he couldn’t stop expressing everything he felt for all these years. He is one of very first fighters who got me interested in this sport. Mad, mad respect Hoping for a historical moment but I won’t be surprised!!! absolutely

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