National Championship: LSU Tigers vs. Iowa Hawkeyes | Full Game Highlights

National Championship: LSU Tigers vs. Iowa Hawkeyes | Full Game Highlights

Watch as the LSU Tigers defeat Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes to win the 2023 Women’s NCAA Tournament National Championship. LSU was lead by Reese Angel’s double-double and the 21 first-half points by Jasmine Carson.

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49 Responses

  1. Jarret Berenson says:

    I’ve never watched women’s ball before, but this was an entertaining tournament.

  2. Stan Folden says:

    Carson SHOWED UP on the biggest stage of her career so far 😎

  3. Darrell Muhammad says:

    My goodness, LSU were draining those three’s. Whenever Iowa got a little closer, they’d shoot those three pointers and be up by 10+ points again. Shout out to Iowa’s Clark. She’s a baller as well.

    • Highlights 2020 says:

      @Samuel Pankonien mad respect, shes elite all im saying there were at least 3 better players on the floor that night, yeah Caitlin scored 30 but she gave up 40 points defensively and shot 41% from the feild going 9-22 in 35 minutes of game clock.

    • Samuel Pankonien says:

      @Highlights 2020 come on dude Clark was a beast you gotta atleast show some respect lol

    • Elijah Teputepu says:

      @Darkness its remembered when 90% of that watching population was watching for the star of the losing team 🤣

    • Elijah Teputepu says:

      @Affluent BIG Slime calm tf down 🤣 they broke that game open due to an anomaly game from Jasmine Carson. Remember it how you want though, iowa outscored them everywhere other than the second quarter

    • ALMIGHTY says:

      @Michael McMillan no where near jordan & wasn’t even the best player on the floor .

  4. M F says:

    LSU is incredibly deep, my goodness. A total mismatch at 4 positions, basically the entire game, *and* Carson shooting the lights out of the arena. Incredible performance.

    • Dimbwe Mazala says:

      There was no mismatch. In this age of the transfer portal, Iowa went and got who they wanted. Those players got them to the final game, where they unfortunately ran into a smarter and harder working team. Caitlin Clark has unlimited shooting range, but is subpar in every other area. Who ever she defended scored at will on her. And if she is not coming behind a screen, she no way to score and has to cede the ball to a team mate

    • breezy says:

      @BlackRoyalty Caitlin Clark is the best female college player and she’s white

    • jarvis thomas says:

      I wonder was this person saying that Iowa was mismatched against SC. And SC had beat the breaks off LSU, but not its a mismatch, not that there golden goose went 9/22 smh lol

  5. UltraInstinct956 says:

    This fast paced game was so fun to watch.

    • nahor88 says:

      @MarkDates The skills are all there, but when you’re used to watching men’s hoops, the girls look like they’re moving in molasses. Even a D3 men’s game is faster than this.
      There are PLENTY of super athletic women out there that need to be encouraged to ball; it would make the women’s game so much more entertaining. Track & Field and MMA chicks for example on average look way more athletic than almost any female baller.

    • Affluent BIG Slime says:

      It was over at halftime😂😂 Iowa was out of it’s league

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ says:

      Repent to Jesus Christ “They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, “Hosanna!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Blessed is the king of Israel!””
      ‭‭John‬ ‭12‬:‭13‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • MarkDates says:

      Never seen girls shoot or move that fast

    • Racer Fast Bears says:

      It was very exciting, congratulations to LSU

  6. Phoenix Alpha says:

    This tournament has made me a women’s college basketball fan and I couldn’t have cared less 3 weeks ago. Just.. WOW!

  7. JBoone03 says:

    Carson really had the game of her life when she needed it most.

    • Christopher Fraley says:

      @Dimbwe Mazala read everything first not just one comment. It will help you when having an input

    • Christopher Fraley says:

      @Dimbwe Mazala because that is what the argument was about. The first guy said that Carson’s points didn’t matter because they scored 70 in the paint. So I was showing him that his own math proves him wrong.

    • Dimbwe Mazala says:

      @Christopher Fraley Why are you taking away points from one of the teams? The game is won by all all the points scored, not just the ones preferred by some

    • Dimbwe Mazala says:

      @Cedric Perry No Reese gave LSU toughness downlow and outplayed Iowa there. She made very difficult shots. She had a Bill Russell effect on the team, that none of the other players did. She deserved the MVP

    • Elijah Teputepu says:

      @Daniel Avant more like Clark had early foul trouble and didnt wanna drive mucn and risk fouling out 💀 this game was heavily shifted by Jasmines anomaly 2nd quarter and two bad calls putting Caitlin on the brink of fouling out

  8. wrightfam says:

    This team just came together this year and won the natty that’s crazy they deserved to win

  9. Citizen2A_1804 says:

    This game was by far the most entertaining game I’ve seen in a long time.

  10. Sherry Marcell says:

    This LSU team had a “Barbie”, “Lex Luther” and a rapper…Gotta love it😂💛💜🥰🏆

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