National Championship: UNC triumphs over Gonzaga

National Championship: UNC triumphs over Gonzaga

Redemption for UNC! After losing at the buzzer in last year’s Championship, the Tar Heels win their 6th National Championship with a 71-65 win over Gonzaga.

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20 Responses

  1. Joe Siro says:

    UNC 6 > Duke 5

  2. WanWan Harris says:

    wish I could be on Franklin Street Right now. Go HEELS!°°°°

  3. Chris TheLogicalOne says:


  4. Rodney Sessoms says:


  5. Baby Ruthless says:

    we are the #1 greatest university for college basketball

  6. Brian Gaddie says:

    What time is the Duke game being played……TARHEELS!!

  7. Jaime de Sevilla says:

    Even this 2017 title is tainted. UNC should not have been allowed to have played in the last two tournaments. UNC should already be serving postseason bans! Roughly half of the athletes enrolled in paper classes played either basketball or football, according to an independent report on the scandal, and 10 of the 15 members of the Tar Heel team that won the 2005 national championship ― Williams’ first title ― were AFAM majors. The NCAA’s latest notice of allegations, issued in December, said that “many at-risk student athletes, particularly in the sports of football and men’s basketball, used these courses for the purposes of ensuring their continuing NCAA athletic eligibility.”.

  8. Samuel A says:

    I love this commentator!!

  9. Shenequa Neckface says:

    hey NCAA? How much ad revenue did you save by dismantling Gonzaga’s offense with bogus fouls?

  10. Jennifer Crews says:

    Carolina deserve this win, we lost last year we made it our business to get that championship this year, and honestly we didn’t play our best a couple times throughout this tournament to get the win we got, but a win is a win and I couldn’t even be more proud of my Tarheels, Redemption is a beautiful thing.

  11. Brad Lewis says:

    Jackson may have struggled a bit w his shot tonight, but his versatility and athleticism was something all Carolina opposition lacked along with his length as well! His returning this yr and improvment in all areas made the Heels a way better team than would have been without him

  12. WillJonassonTV says:

    This was kind of like the superbowl 50 situation

  13. grosskopf2 says:

    I know one thing. If a betting person listens to Charles Barkley on who his pick is, they need to bet on the other team. On 2 National Championship picks he’s 0-2.

  14. Toad8508 says:

    Second time in a row that my bracket is busted in a championship game

  15. True_ _Vision says:

    I wish my mom would’ve let me stay up to watch it

  16. Russell Shaw says:

    Roy Williams is the Man 3 championships in 13 years

  17. Russell Shaw says:

    see what happens when you recruit good kids and get them to stay in school

  18. Pizzartmusic_5 says:

    Just like the super bowl tbh

  19. Generic Stormtrooper says:


  20. Videogame, Airplane, and bottle flip master says:

    I wanted Purdue to win 🙁

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