National Guard Arrives To LA After Night Of Violent Protests With Rocks, Bricks, Metal Rods Thrown A

National Guard Arrives To LA After Night Of Violent Protests With Rocks, Bricks, Metal Rods Thrown A

The days of continuous violence and unrest has led to a state of emergency in Los Angeles County. Kara Finnstrom reports.

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  1. gene tinney says:

    As a child I learned that it is so much easier to tear things down than it is to build things up.

    • Roman Soldier says:

      I also learned as a child in order to build you have to destroy what was already built. Which is how America was formed to begin with. The destruction of the natives

    • Harden J.I.D says:

      Roman Soldier BINGO these idiots clearly never even picked up a history book in their life and think all the revolutions were peaceful throughout history and never caused any harm.

    • Michael Hartman says:

      @Jacob Drake 🤣

    • latieraqueen87 Pacheco says:

      America builds you up to tear you down.

    • Jonathan Bhatty says:

      @latieraqueen87 Pacheco cry me a river can’t keep blaming America for all your problems when you make problems worse for yourself and others.

  2. Mason Rustin-Keflavík says:

    They’re not protestors, they’re rioters

    • Muse Khadir says:

      Time for protest is gone, when the killing of black ppl stops you won’t see riots

    • SAMUEL TORRES says:

      Mason Rustin-Keflavík not even riots terrorists they also attacking inocent people too

    • Michael Sweeney says:

      @Diane Dorney his son is active

    • The Alpengeist says:

      @Muse Khadir – You won’t see riots when the police and National Guard team up and organize tear gas and rubber bullet attacks just like in Minneapolis last night where the cowardly rioters ran home quickly to their Mommy’s basements.

    • Diane Dorney says:

      @Michael Sweeney Soros son?

  3. Lag Swag says:

    “Violent Protest”…are you kidding me? Protests arent violent, and violence isnt an act of protest. Looters and rioters ARE NOT PROTESTERS.

    • MerMck says:


    • Pat Kelly says:

      @Thanks Alot that is a great point I agree very much. I it’s just crap and an opportunity for animals to be released and destroy and loot

    • Darlene Banks says:

      Just like Policemen dont protect and serve. They murder!

    • Covid19 says:

      @B•D lmao.. ok? So this is “revolt” huh… “Lets loot, break stuff and call it a protest for racism”. As if the ones joining here cares about racism.
      Most of this “kids” doesn’t even care lol… Their just there to loot and experience being a “protesters”.. makes me laugh

    • Benny The Bull says:

      @AntonioR Software looting is democracy? Really?

  4. Osama Getting Laiden says:

    Bruh i’m all for justice but why burn some random dude car and looting people store this is just dumb

    • Elize Oosthuizen says:

      They do it in South Africa, please go to YouTube and watch.
      They throw heavy rocks from bridges over highways.
      They kill innocent people.
      They burned 70 schools in this time of the Corona.

    • Meredith Benjamin says:

      @Elize Oosthuizen self-centered a-holes

    • ClearedCrayon says:

      Elize Oosthuizen I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree huh 🤔

  5. 10k Subs By The End Of 2020? says:

    I agree with the protests but what makes me pissed is when they raid family small business. People have saved there life savings to open one and some rioters burn and steal everything from them. Don’t get me wrong I am agreeing with the protests but what does the small business raiding have to help solve the problem?

    • Donovan 101 says:

      Burn down a police station, pay for it with taxes

    • Just some random guy without a mustache says:


    • Bobby luminati says:

      Especially with big losses due to virus shutdowns, these people don’t care about solutions, they just want their cause to be heard but they don’t know how to make public impressions. In fact they are ruining their cause by creating even more crime.

    • Dodge Testicles says:

      Dam, back men are becoming sophisticated, all the national guard calls were intercepted.

    • Bobby luminati says:

      @emily bannow… you mean bath salty

  6. Shahin says:

    I was just a kid in ‘92, but I remember it feeling the same

    • Aleada Siragusa says:

      Riots 3 days during the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago – I could not believe what I saw on TV – I wrote about it in college – I used the device of the senses to tell the story – how it smelled & what I heard – my teacher gave me a D for it and wrote I could not have written it because I had to be there – I soon after dropped out of college for this and other reasons. I am 70 now – I write poetry and political posts and have an art blog – never be defeated life is hard and always has been – God Bless You!

    • Cincy32 says:

      Same here. I was a kid living in Palm Springs in 92. Now this, only this is much, much worse.

  7. Future Guru says:

    Having a regular life in the system is pointless now.

  8. Ricochet says:

    We need to position the armed Koreans on the roofs again.
    It’ll be over in a half hour.

    • Real boxing News says:

      Bernital Down all or some ?

    • Go Ravens says:

      Yeah we need them to stop these murderous cops.

    • Gustavo Gomez says:

      This seems like the work of American intelligence apparatus , some color revolution, where they seemed to have sprinted into action and started riots in every city. It doesn’t seem like an organic movement did this.

    • MeMe So Free says:

      Wouldn’t bet on it this time, people are prepared for roof tops dumb ass

    • PapaNeedsABreak says:

      @krokion I witnessed that in person as my family would shop at those stores all the time. Even as a kid, it was some surreal shit.

  9. iridefast1 says:

    That’s why you need 30 round magazines for your AR 15’s .

  10. iridefast1 says:

    That’s why you need 30 round magazines for your AR 15’s . 💀

  11. Matt Sim. says:

    The best way to change things in your community for the better:

    Vandalize, loot, and destroy the lives of people with small businesses

    Awesome job everybody.

    • Nene Muy says:

      Degenerate anarchists who want to enjoy these moments for the time being, because they know they won’t get caught.

    • FoolX4 says:

      Thats how black ppl do things

    • Gary Harvey says:

      @Marcus Spiva no “dog” I think we live in a country full of overgrown retarded children that are too stupid to see that what they’re doing isn’t helping anything

    • MoveitorLoseit2 says:

      It’s all a coordinated effort to turn us into a giant police state, and it’s working. Say goodbye to your rights, what is left of them


      Just posted 3 small clips of looters in LA and the cops did nothing even when they were trapped in the store….

  12. Cheese Cake at night says:

    Ah yes they are “protesters”

  13. joel collins says:

    Any one of those “protesters” would have been happy to kill the man the cops did, this has nothing to do with protesting but only to do what they do best, rob, loot and destroy.

    • Michael Sweeney says:

      let me get this straight…live like cats in a bag—–then spend all your time blaming other people for the scratches.

    • THAT GIRL ;P says:

      lol have you seen the peaceful protest? They do protest. Believe it or not the peaceful protest and riots are two separate things, the senseless looting is mostly from non protesters…and believe it or not all races including white people. Stop trying to be racist and go support the peaceful protest instead of finding any reason to hate on you black brothers and sisters.

    • frank p says:

      And what will happen next is for the next several years they will cry my neighborhood is crap why doesn’t the government help us , ill tell you why is because they dont trust you because of the animals you act like so now youll be treated even worse, good luck

    • Raul Chavez says:

      Here ya bro

  14. Bob Sides says:

    I hope thet use video and capture some of these looters even if it’s a few and make an example of them

    • Justin Cruz says:

      @bobsides listen to what you just said !!!! Make an example out of the looters???? But let’s not make an example of the murderers who are killing innocent ppl ??? You are a sheep 🐑

    • Michael Sweeney says:

      in philly,city hall has a “hug a looter” campaign.

    • 0xsergy says:

      @Justin Cruz how does looting a small business do anything about bad cops? All it does is duck another small business into the ground

  15. jjforeal2 says:

    I’m starting to forget about George Floyd, because the rioters are causing me to feel bad for these business owners.

    • Underdog TV says:

      @Kevin2382 The protesters for gathering in large crowds.

    • Dragon Fyre says:

      @Paula Bessard yes, they might have insurance that, btw, they pay for. Using your mentality, all this violence and looting won’t bring a life back either.

    • Psychotic Lunatics Destroyed Everything says:

      George Floyd never mattered. These people just wanted to steal, destroy and go on a psychotic rampage. They don’t care about Floyd. They care about hate.

    • GAOTU 2019 says:

      Aleada Siragusa that doesn’t fit the narrative so it will be ignored.


      Right, I just posted 3 clips of looters on my channel…

  16. solar power says:

    everybody is gangster until tanks and solders arrive 😃 kill em all 😁

    • Rasheen Babe says:

      @React King when you see America pic and bully on a group of people that are not protected it shows that America are cowards. They’re not picking on people who can fight back.

    • Rasheen Babe says:

      @React King since American Military is so tough how about they fight another super power like China is stop coming through fighting citizens people who have never trained in the military people that have regular jobs

    • React King says:

      @Rasheen Babe please just stop. We have the most powerful military for a reason. But what I do know is most people aren’t built to take another person’s life. And you are one of them.

    • Nutty Buddy says:

      Who the tanks and soldiers?

    • Jose Espinal says:

      @Rasheen Babe LMAO if everyone was trained doesn’t matter for shit. Because America has funding up the ass for military equipment goodluck bypassing trillions of dollars worth of power with people who now how to use it. Strength isnt muscles. Modern warfare requires intellect and alot of money. And not every soldier is fucking Rambo guy.

  17. S1gm@_Wolf says:

    Broke ass poor people: “we’re angry for police committing crimes.”

    Also broke ass poor people: “Lets commit crimes.”

    • Anderson Cooper says:

      Maybe they aren’t the same people that are protesting and committing crimes? And rich people are also protesting.

    • Christian Munoz says:

      Let’s get guns and blast these fools why just protest show em what’s up. This is what trump wants anyway.

    • Christian Munoz says:

      If we’re not rioting they provoke us too that’s what they want and post this shit.

    • Kylie J says:

      I admire people who can just go into a shoe store and come right back out with a few pairs of shoes. It takes me like 4 hours to try everything on, and still nothing feels right!

    • Jeremy Nelson says:

      Aleada Siragusa he already here and look at the country we are almost a third world country now😂😂😂

  18. AntonioR Software says:

    China didn’t send the army to Hong Kong even after months of riots and USA sends in the army after just 2 days.

  19. Marth says:

    These thugs act tough untill the roofs start speaking Korean

  20. TheNutterButterImmortal says:

    Hey I have an idea for the looters. Ever heard of Tiananmen Square? 😂

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