Native Americans Try On “Indian” Halloween Costumes

Native Americans Try On “Indian” Halloween Costumes

“I feel like I need a really big shower after wearing this crap.”

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20 Responses

  1. Yayy Supraa says:

    ”You’re not dressing as a viking or an ancient roman” where did you get
    that from?

  2. Emily Lewis says:

    This honestly isn’t meant to be horrible but I didn’t think native
    Americans still existed

  3. Mey Mey says:

    Guys next time try the cambodian traditional marriage costume,I would be
    happy ??

  4. jogvan2112 says:

    I’m from the north atlantic, and I find it offensive for people to dress
    upp as vikings….!!

  5. Jazsy Ka says:

    First time seeing Buzzfeed make something so offensive.

  6. Briana Danyal says:

    People don’t dress up in those costumes to make fun of Native Americans.
    They kept saying they felt like it was a joke and that Native Americans are
    modern and don’t wear things like that anymore. Like, it’s not a joke and
    if we dressed like a modern Native American, it wouldn’t be a Halloween
    costume at all.

  7. Mister Wolf says:

    Stop being offended by everything

  8. Keke Factor says:

    I’m Native American and I’m glad BuzzFeed made a video like this. It helps
    people understand that our culture is not a costume or a joke. Our regalia
    means something and is very sacred. It’s not something people can wear for

  9. KaKarot KaKe says:

    Most of them look like crackers! Put hispanics in there they look more
    native American than this jokesters

  10. Skittles McStabbypants says:

    Uh the descendants of Vikings and ancient Romans are very much around they
    just aren’t whiny cunts you retards. Also dressing up in cowboy outfits is
    pretty much the same thing get over it.

  11. 4kkjwkaz says:

    So was it wrong to have a Pocahauntus costume that looked very similar to
    that brown dress the man was wearing?

  12. Redbatt RS says:

    If I wear a pilgrim outfit, will the world keep whites in the past and not
    think of them as real people?

  13. Mo Blackjack says:

    When I was living in the united states, i heard about how they were killed
    (mass murdered) and treated in the present day makes me feel nauseous. It’s
    just so wrong how they’re given an ultimatum of either staying with their
    tribe or leaving their tribe for an education (scholarship), not in so many
    words but it is still a choice if you can’t afford college/uni and the only
    choice is to leave your tribe… It is just messed up. Maybe i’m not
    explaining it correctly but please google it, something will show up!

  14. MagicJava says:

    The womans costumes arent as bad.

  15. 84chevypickup says:

    have blax wear KKK hoodies

  16. Asia Mason says:

    These comments?. Some people are just so insensitive. You do not
    understand how they feel. The “indian’ costumes do not represent Native
    American properly. These Native American have the right to feel offended
    just like everyone else.

  17. derfo20 says:

    “ok, Now dance for me, DANCE!!!!!. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  18. Peter Mark says:

    Best Indian Costume for Halloween on


    Perhaps I should dress up as a Social Justice Warrior and cry about Blond
    women dressing up in Swedish bar maid costumes?

    Not only can I cry about the costume being an ethnic stereo type but I can
    cry about it being being sexually degrading and promoting the White male

  20. Ava Wilson says:

    These people aren’t Native Americans.