Natural Beauty vs Cosmetic Surgery: Is There Middle Ground?

Natural Beauty vs Cosmetic Surgery: Is There Middle Ground?

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81 Responses

  1. Justin Perry says:

    With all due respect.. do people like Nicola honestly think that looks good? Does she honestly feel that whatever she has done to her face has made her look younger? Or more beautiful? It blows my mind when I see people who have done this and then call it beauty. I paused at 6:54 and the more I study, the more I don’t understand. Maybe it’s just me. ?

    • Emma Heart says:

      MigotSol The point is that she got plastic surgery in the pursuit of looking good. And she does not.

    • daintymyg says:

      +Emma Heart No the point is that she’s happy with the way she looks and there’s no reason for people to feel the need to point out that they believe she’s ugly when it’s her life and her decision, which doesn’t affect any of you at all so why people have such a problem with it is beyond me.

    • Toni says:

      Peqeri ???????

    • Vanna Bananna says:

      Justin Perry i agree brother

    • Emma Heart says:

      daintymyg Wether she like it or not is irrelevant to the statement. Its just ironic that’s all, because she looks rather unnatural now. And no one said she was ugly. I hate the casual way with which people tend to toss that word around. Its a very strong word.

  2. awkward potato says:

    This is genuinely sweet and not cut throat

  3. ShalomJackie says:

    It would’ve been nice to hear a non-surgeon male perspective

    • 1000 IQ says:

      +Rohan women do this with everything they act like their problems dont go for men as well if it doesn’t involve periods you can assume it affects a man.

    • 1000 IQ says:

      +Tiara W because it’s an issue for men too and women want equality so be equal.

    • 1000 IQ says:

      +Ricardo Campos This isn’t a gender problem… Tf you talking about male approval .

    • Ricardo Campos says:

      +1000 IQ oh I understand, my bad I thought the original comment was trying to say what a male think about the women’s preference to be natural or not.
      I agree I would like to get facial surgery when I get older.

    • 1000 IQ says:

      +Ricardo Campos only thing I would get facial surgery for is my nose because I got it fractured and it healed wrong and made whats called a nasal hump so yeah….its tough

  4. Pramity Shah says:

    2:43 legend has it she’s still nodding to this day

  5. ShalomJackie says:

    If you’re reading this then you are beautiful ❤️

  6. Arissa says:

    All people with Plastic Surgery look similar to me but not in a good way….

  7. robyn says:

    omg that one lady looks SO botched

  8. Nick says:

    Nicola went overboard with the fillers.

    • Elizabeth Hutt says:

      Nick Her lips look so bad. I don’t understand how people can’t see how abnormal their fillers look (not ALL fillers, but there are lots of examples of people who have gone overboard).

    • lonewaer says:

      +Elizabeth Hutt To be fair she’s the only one to not see how abnormal they look. Everyone else sees it, I’m sure. That surgeon must have internally facepalmed.

  9. Levi Halperin says:

    Aging is part of life. People shouldnt be ashamed of the natural way they look.

    • Dingus Dangus says:

      I dont think people are ashamed of the way they look they. I think they’re content but desire more

    • caroliinalopes says:

      +Dingus Dangus being content and desiring more are mutually exclusive things, no?

    • Dingus Dangus says:

      +caroliinalopes absolutely not. If someone is content with their salary being 75k, but take a new bonus opportunity offering an additional 25k, that doesnt mean that they werent content to begin with. Modifying your appearance can simply be a boost to ones self image, rather than a treatment for physical insecurities. For example, I’m content with my pale skin, but if I were to film a porn i would get a spray tan, because it’s particularly more flattering on camera. Yet I would never cave into having a natural tan because I’m not trying to mask an insecurity.

      Or perhaps someone is satisfied with steak, but opts to get filet mignon for dinner, for another example.

    • Aaron Jefferson says:

      Dingus Dangus To be content is to lack desire. Those two terms are indeed mutually exclusive.

      Filet Mignon is a type of steak.

  10. Uchiha says:

    The doctor is smiling cause he’s the only one getting paid that good money ?

  11. tonka says:

    its funny how the natural people look better then plastic surgery people

    • lonewaer says:

      +Diana … and it defeats the point of getting plasting surgery in the first place.

    • MyNamed Name says:

      lonewaer naturally beautiful women don’t need surgery of course

    • Alexander Ranin says:

      Not funny at all

    • O O O says:

      I think it’s cause they chose extreme cases of plastic surgery. Most people who want it just wanna get a smooth nose or move their eye lid down a cm.

    • Jesus Mary says:

      Natural beauty is the best because God created us in His own image. Why do people insist on changing their looks? Well, because they feel insecure and won’t ever be happy with themselves. They are constantly getting surgeries and don’t stop. Thats an insecurity.

  12. Amanda Kwok says:

    I feel like the comments section for this video absolutely messed up. Stop degrading other people. What good does it even do for you? Everyone is beautiful and attractive in their own unique way. Their looks may not be appealing for you but I bet their personality or another aspect of them might wow you…dont judge by face value alone…sheesh.

    • Amanda Kwok says:

      +Styles Marshall Well what I mean is that everyone has some sort of good quality in them. Some individuals readily show it to others while others might not do it immediately. Even the people who you thought were ugly (as in their personalities) will always have a good side/nature to them. We’re all human afterall. None of us can be inherently evil or angelic like. I bet all of us have have displayed “good” and “bad” characteristics in one stage of our lives…but our actions in one situation does not dictate/define who we are as a whole…and that’s because we will always be growing. Therefore, I believe we all can be attractive. Does that make sense? I hope I’m not confusing you further.

    • Amanda Kwok says:

      +Styles Marshall Also, sorry for the extremely long reply!! Lol, it didn’t seem that long in my head??

    • Styles Marshall says:

      Amanda Kwok lol no you’re fine, tbh I didn’t agree with you at first but I think your point of view holds some water ? (by this logic trump is beautiful) btw, that is a haha and meant to be laughed at

    • Amanda Kwok says:

      +Styles Marshall Looool, I was not expecting that remark at all! But yes…yeah, I suppose some can see him as that too. His ideaologies might resonate with some people afterall…as America voted him for PM?‍♀️?‍♀️ To each their own

    • Lari says:

      Kind of had to judge on face value alone when it’s botched so badly.

  13. S CP says:

    Wait, women who want to maintain youth and beauty are interested in keeping their wealthy husbands? Why get attached to looking 20 if you’re 40? The moment the black haired woman mentioned “keeping up with younger women” her argument died. The only competition is between you and your mirror.

  14. Karan Wankhede says:

    It may sound harsh but
    The people with natural beauty are really beautiful
    The cosmetic people looks like plastic

    • sage socks says:

      the people with natural beauty are normal looking
      The people with cosmetic surgery are weird looking.
      I want just want to look like normal but more pleasing to look at version of myself

    • Sabiha Sungur says:

      But, they ARE beautiful, two of them, the black girl and the blond girl both have very nice proportions. But there are people who have noses that REALLY put off the rest of their beautiful face. In those cases, it makes so much sense to me to fix that one thing. I had such a friend, and after her nose job, the amount of men that became available to her actually became more than 0. There is such a thing as being balanced, and understanding that attraction IS an important first step in finding a mate.

    • Jillian Kulp says:

      Karan Wankhede but they feel good about themselves which is what matters 🙂

    • Vanna Bananna says:

      Karan Wankhede eapecially Nicola lmao

    • Daisy Chains says:


  15. Emily Gould says:

    wow courteney cox i love your work

  16. imam212 says:

    Why does the doctor still has his coat on? We believe you if you say you’re a surgeon. There is really no need to show up with your doctor’s coat. Lol

  17. Swage says:

    Insecurity is NOT inherent! Kids are not born feeling like something is wrong with them. They are taught to.

    • O O O says:

      I agree 100% 2 years ago I thought I looked fine, now i’m 17 and look at old photos and think my eyes are ugly af, only AFTER comparing myself to models, and actors.

    • 1000 IQ says:

      Not directly taught to but they learn through bullying.

    • Vanna Bananna says:

      Swage amen!

    • alacarteno says:

      Jordan Hughes exactly it’s imposed not inherited

    • Cole Silva says:

      I think this is not a black or white answer. As humans, and as an evolved species, COMPETITION is inherent. In order to reproduce, any animal needs to be among the top of it’s species, and with humans, looks become a part of that. Insecurity is inherent to some extent. Babies are obviously not insecure because reproduction isn’t a focus for their DNA at that point.

      Humans have reached the level of security with our species that the focus isn’t solely on “can they protect and raise babies successfully,” instead allowing for preferences in appearance, so, naturally, competition was moved into that area as well.

  18. Freya Chandra says:

    This is by far one of my favorite middle grounds

  19. Unnamed says:

    I feel like the pro surgery people were using outlier examples of traumatic deformities instead of actually talking about the fact that most people get plastic surgery for frivolous reasons

    • VKRGFAN says:

      Exactly, even people with body deformations not always agree with plastic surgery. Yes, majority of people who get it have low self esteem and narcissistic personality disorder.

    • Cheeze berries says:

      They even say it before that a lot of women come in so that they’re husband stays with them ?instead of maybe relying on themselves for support and getting a better husband?

    • Hailey Todd says:

      +VKRGFAN where did you get that from? That is not true. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a specific diagnosis that you are nowhere near qualified to blanket over such a large group of people.

  20. maltsoy marai says:

    I hate the argument “what about the middle aged women trying to keep up with younger girls?” Why are we so obsessed with being 20 something’s when we’re 15 or 55? I think there’s something wrong with society when looking your age is seen as a flaw.

    • Aaron Jefferson says:

      The prime age range for reproduction is generally 18-29 for women, and the body does well to physiologically mirror this. We are not that far removed from our evolutionary imperatives. Also, people who successfully raise families and lead productive lives tend not to worry too much about what “society” values once they feel accomplished.

    • Tala Mendoza says:

      *Cough* Danial cohn *Cough*

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