NAV & Gunna – Turks feat. Travis Scott (Official Audio)

NAV & Gunna – Turks feat. Travis Scott (Official Audio)

Official audio for NAV & Gunna feat. Travis Scott “Turks” available everywhere now:

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78 Responses

  1. Makhlouf Hennine says:

    Why gunna is so hard like this , waiting for his up coming project 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤒

  2. SAIF says:

    can someone make travis part after nav’s part and add an adlib for the oh my god guy? this would be dope

  3. Antz says:

    I can’t help but hear travis shouting after his verse, song slaps nevertheless🔥🔥🔥

  4. Cha Fa says:

    Gunna rode that beat like he’s part of the instrumental Jesus Christ

  5. S J says:


    dude in the video: ouuhhh my gawd 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻

  6. Burak Ulu says:

    waiting for the clip includes turks covered with turkish flag

  7. Abrahm Ford says:

    Who else was pumpin the shitty audio leaked version before this dropped 😂😂

  8. Rapid FaRex l says:

    Scientists when they hear this track: I think we discovered the cure for corona virus

  9. Risky Prod. says:

    Can’t wait for gunna to drop his masterpiece 🗣

  10. Lowen Moye says:

    everyone who has waited for this, replaying the snippet with the guy who goes “oooo”. we deserve this.

  11. Hello Son says:

    Real ones listened to this when Travis and nav were in the club singing this

  12. Aluwani Tshitahe says:

    Nobody :

    Travis and Nav: let me bless your day

  13. Naman Chhabra says:

    Nav And Travis’s Duo is like a blessing to us.

  14. Giovanni Moya says:

    I’m calling it rn nav and gunna got an album together because it says “nav and gunna” if it was just a nav song it would have said ft Gunna and Travis Scott

  15. Ahmad Ansari says:

    Gunna Rode That Beat Like Noah Rode His Arc.

  16. No No says:

    “I’m a late bloomer 3rd year on the scene”
    I always liked how Nav was older fire

  17. Xx Mori says:

    Who’s here after waiting a whole day to hear this


  18. big pres 34 says:

    Why tf does gunna tap into his thanos level on features , but on his own songs he’s not even half as good

  19. Jimmy1of1 says:

    NAV: “I’m a late bloomer, 3rd year on the scene”

  20. Clair Prasure says:

    “Turks” this song’s name is not about Turkey. It’s an island called “Turks and Caicos”. Actually it is an overseas territory.

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