Nazi Bar

Nazi Bar

Dean said this place was all right.

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Jacob Trueman
Mike Harding

Executive Producers: Matthew Harvey, Jay Pond-Jones, Jack Howard Dean Dobbs
Directed by Jack Howard
Written by Jack Howard & Dean Dobbs
Online Writing Room: Tim Hautekiet, Dom Fera, Tim Kish
Assistant Director – Matt Holt
Produced by Rebecca Hewett
Assistant Producer – Leah Draws
Director of Photography – Ciaran O’Brien
Gaffer – Marc Spicer
First Assistant Camera – Rachael Hutchings
Art Director – Amelia Annfield
Sound design by Dan Pugsley
Music (mostly) by Benjamin Squires
Sound recordist – Tom “Tommy Boom” Bartlett
Make Up by Emily Wilcox
Production Assistant – Rebecca Day
Runner – Charlotte Gordon

First song by: MDK
Song Title: Azalea
Buy the song here:
Free Download:

Thank you to everyone who turned up to be nazi extras for a day. Really appreciate it.

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20 Responses

  1. Bryony The Overthinking Pigeon says:

    That ending was scary as hell guys…

  2. LukeIsNotSexy says:

    i did nazi this one coming

  3. LazySketcher says:

    That ending was so so perfect guys! Hope it upsets the bastards that tolerate Nazi bullshit 😉

  4. Carlyle Shaw says:

    Jack and Dean in bed together.
    Dean: “What’s up babe?”

    I’m already dead…

  5. FelixMoriarty says:

    dose pewdiepie go to this bar?

  6. TomSka says:

    Fucking hell. The script and the performances are so tight but it’s the detail in the set design that does it for me. Great sketch, great filmmaking, fuck you.

  7. Nyko X says:

    Honestly I was getting a little upset as the video continued, they were really pushing boundaries, but damn that ending. I should have known that it was social commentary and not offensive humour

  8. Gladysthehomunculus says:

    Funny video. Not sure I’ve seen anyone ‘tolerate’ Nazis though. If you mean supporting freedom of speech is ‘tolerance’ you have to understand that suppression of freedom, including freedom of speech, is what led to horrible regimes like the Nazis in the first place – we don’t want it to happen again just with a different group (that will ultimately act similarly just with a different name). Yet again, hilarious sketch but not sure I follow the ending message.

  9. Liron Matalon says:

    I’m Jewish and not offended, why should you be???

  10. Snoop Eastwood says:

    Good video but anyone who thinks that right wing America is turning into nazi germany is completely delusional.

  11. Bleach Chef says:

    1488 bitch

  12. lightning says:

    Pretty gay

  13. mrFalloutFan95 says:

    Islamophobia is idiotic, a phobia is the irrational fear of something, terrorists are killing people in the name of islam this is arational fear

  14. Gothic Reaper says:

    Hitler was right

  15. Illegal Commenter says:

    Two Jews walk into a bar…

  16. Shootin Shark says:

    “I hate them fookin Nazis. Fookin Nazis are sooch fookin rayciss coonts. Oh hello Abdul, would you like to take over my country and rape my women?” /England

  17. WillieWonka928D says:

    It’s amazing that “We shouldn’t tolerate literal Nazis” has become a controversial statement in 2017.

  18. l_AM_ONLlNE says:

    Why is it immoral for whites to express white preference, but perfectly fine for anybody else to express preference for their own people?

  19. Mike L says:

    Then why the heck do you “tolerate” islam

  20. Tyler Hensley says:

    why are they sharing a bed?

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