NBA 2K18 – Run The Neighborhood

NBA 2K18 – Run The Neighborhood

NBA 2K has already transformed sports gaming, but now we’re doing it on a whole new level! Because in #NBA2K18, you don’t just play the game… you live it.

Are you ready to #RunTheNeighborhood?

Pre-order NBA 2K18 today:

ESRB: E10+

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20 Responses

  1. Gucci XVI says:

    0:42 dog barkin dogs??

  2. Lynch 24 says:

    Y’all really got me dead😂 if they gave us the same dusty ass courts y’all will be trippin but nah they gave us whole new world type shit an y’all still trippin 😂da fuck y’all want?

  3. Amir Boulware says:

    What them servers lookin like tho? Cuz i got xfinity and my shit still be acting up

  4. davidm773 says:

    Finally they’re going away with the stupid tier upgrades and going back to individual stat upgrades like back in 2k11. Couldn’t stand tier upgrading that was so stupid it made unrealistic, like why does my steal have to be capped at 73 for a 6’1 PG. Because they have to keep his block rating low and every other stat in that tier similar, and then you get stupid things like a 72 Cap on 3 point but have cap of 81 for of the off dribble shot 3, that doesn’t even make sense? I’m ready for this game tho!

  5. nukesnipa1 says:

    who could live in a world without females I feel bad for my myplayer

  6. C Sanders says:

    Y’all down too much now. Grand Theft 2k

  7. Windermere Groms says:

    what song is this?

  8. Jeremy Alexander says:

    Live: Gameface HD & Steven A. Smith = Dope af. EA came out of nowhere with that and needed a hit after the mass effect fail. They pulled out all the stops. 2K18 is taking customization to a whole new level because it seems like they listen to their fanbase. Looks like a really deep, exciting gameplay experience. Why work out in real life when you can just do it in 2k18? Kids won’t be outside playing basketball anymore, they’ll be on this game at 11 years old going on 225 pounds with Jordans on winning at online life. #future

  9. Derrick Wilkinson says:

    Idk why everybody hyping live they half ass everything. They solely own the rights to Madden and can’t even get that right. Live is all hype it’ll die out soon.

  10. Jake Nestor says:

    I hope we all know this shit only gonna run smooth on either the new Xbox one X, or the new PS4 pro, issa set up😂

  11. Kris Shirley says:

    Is this game still gonna be unplayable full of lag, players getting stuck in animations, and delayed reactions?. Yeah I thought so someone hit me up when they make a sports game that’s actually good again.

  12. David Price says:

    I definitely will love and enjoy the new mycareer it’s unbelievably awesome 👏🏾

  13. jaysexxin says:

    Cool, now it’ll take even longer to load.

  14. 2 Wavez says:

    Damn you can walk to barber shop and gym and foot locker

  15. kidsya says:

    Tbh its kinda a cool idea to have the ability to roam around an area with stores such as the shoe store, barber, tattoo store, courts and etc. They can add statue for the global leading top scorer or smthng. They shld add a pub where other online user can interact or meet up sort of thing. Call me crazy but imagine if they made a pub and you and ur friends can hang out and spectate an actual live NBA game on a tv inside the pub.

  16. LaFlameTy says:

    Honestly who got time to wait for a long ass loading screen then walk all the way to the park and walk all the way to the barber

  17. TheMonkeyButte says:

    So its kinda just like a glorified menu?

  18. ad30jone says:

    I had a game like this back in high school called “NBA ’06: Featuring the Life Vol. 1” with Amare Stoudemire on the cover.

  19. London Water says:

    It’s not a sausage party boys, it’s a.. sausage city!! Whooo! 😒 just make the game mechanics good, and stop wasting recourses on sausage cities.

  20. JACK DOLAH says:

    Holy shit the graphics is worse than vice city

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