NBA 2K19 – Special Announcement

NBA 2K19 – Special Announcement

Tune into our live event for a special announcement #NBA2K19

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68 Responses

  1. CeeGee says:


  2. JeremiajDasean says:


  3. StunnaCole says:

    Lmao wow that was weak

  4. Smags says:


  5. Loso Banks says:

    Who’s Buying king ? James version ????????????2k19

  6. Lil Ice says:

    This was leaked we already knew

  7. Παναγιώτης Γαλιγαλίδης says:

    We already knew it ???

  8. Mystic_ says:

    Is this a joke?

  9. Southern Slim says:

    2k just finessed all of us. Where is the gameplay what’s new in the game? You wanted our time for a press conference to announce a cover athlete instead of doing a commercial. Greek Freek is great congratulations on the cover but 2k yall suck

    • Southern Slim says:

      LIKESQUAD_CEO wow I dont even know you first off that’s on you I play what I want fucktard and its people like you who don’t do anything good but try to talk shit about something they dont care about you haven’t played the game so shut the fuck up

    • Tojnam Complex says:

      Southern Slim If you really were expecting gameplay then you deserved to get finessed, if you know 2k you know that they reveal the cover athlete first then they release trailers then later on comes the gameplay… that’s 2k

    • Southern Slim says:

      Tojnam Complex I knew it was bout the cover athlete I’m just saying in general it’s about time they switch it up they have had commercials in the past why not now. I’m speaking from a consumer standpoint I want them to put out a great game but how may times are they going to do this and wait a month or less and have people come out like last year and still see no improvements from the feedback they got from that event. I’m saying stop with all this extra b.s. and give the community what they want.

    • D Harris says:

      Southern Slim if you don’t want to buy it don’t buy it

    • D Harris says:

      Southern Slim it’s bigger things to worry than a VIDEO GAME

  10. Brotha Chase says:

    they released screenshots already

  11. John Isaac Waters says:

    “Let’s give him another round of applause.” ??

  12. The People's Mix says:

    “Lets give him another round of applause” – Ronnie

  13. nik the god says:

    people are saying “L“ but they are still gonna buy the game. SMH

  14. Dr.Jay Hamilton says:

    Guys please don’t buy 2k this year.

  15. p e b says:

    Yo this was the weakest reveal ever ? check out my music ?

  16. Cory Campbell says:

    This game is going to be the best game ever for NBA 2K19

  17. why do you care says:

    Dislike this and go buy live

  18. Spot Rex says:

    21:29 thank me later lol

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