NBA 2K19 – Take the Crown

NBA 2K19 – Take the Crown

To be the best, you have to take down the king. Watch the first official footage of NBA 2K19, featuring music from hip-hop artist Jay Rock. Pre Order now:

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108 Responses

  1. Taurusp11 says:

    This trailer some mid.

  2. K.I.N.G SWAG says:

    Hope the mycareer is way better than 18 😕

  3. pxrole says:

    looks exactly like last year lmao

    • Yo Shane TUBE TV says:

      i can go on about all the broken shitin 2k. Why when i make a lebron build for career mode, my speed attrubute only goes to 74-75? and lebron speed is over 90 lmao smh . Fuck you 2k

    • YRN Swazyy says:

      +Mark Byrd I wonder why? (sarcasm)

    • Mark Byrd says:

      YRN Swazyy because people have no idea what they’re talking about. If it didn’t change every year, then 2k15 would look exactly like 2k18… But it clearly doesn’t.

    • Don't Think to hard says:

      How do you suggest it could look different?

  4. Emanz 24 says:

    2k does this, good trailers, shit game…

  5. Johnny Dip says:

    this what yall hyped up?

  6. TheDAWinz says:

    Only good part is Jay Rock

  7. King Dami says:

    For once in 2k franchise history please let there game live up to the hype cause these last few 2k’s have been a complete shit show

  8. iPodKingCarter says:

    reaction COMING RIGHT NOW!

  9. godzilla30000 says:

    2K so lazy they couldn’t get the right Lakers jersey for their MAJOR REVEAL TRAILER

  10. LynnTakeOff says:


    • Cardi B says:

      It’s not, people are gonna keep buying 2k no matter what, basketball fans will always want a new basketball game, especially when there’s nothing else to play

    • Tony Bowyer says:

      Live is trash, 2k has no competition bro.

    • Ryan Flores says:

      LynnTakeOff in my opinion this won’t be the greatest 2k game because it won’t its never gonna be close to 2k11 not any 2k game that comes close to 2k11 expect for 2k16, 2k16 was great but 2k11 was better but hey that’s just my opinion

    • Tony Bowyer says:

      Ryan Flores 2k11 was good for its time. But when you go back and play it, you see how far 2k has come since then. Everything from graphics, to foot planting, to animations and dribbling is so much better now than it was back then. Plus 2k11 was full of cheating, like 50 foot tall players and shit.

    • jm24eva says:

      LynnTakeOff…bruh these 2k lames don’t care…

  11. Lil Wayne says:


  12. SosaRayCharles35 says:

    2K still hasn’t impressed me cause Lavar Ball isn’t on the god damn cover

  13. King Dami says:

    This is 2k’s last chance to make there game the way it should be. They better not disappoint or else 2k is finished

  14. Brotha Chase says:

    looks the same from last year

  15. Aditya EditZ says:

    *Any one from India🇮🇳🔥🔥*

  16. ody willi says:

    why yall doing trailers to 2k18 smh we want a 2k19 trailer already

    Edit: dont reply my notis going crazy goddamn

  17. FlyGuy GbG says:



    • John Doe says:

      SOME 2K Problems that were persistent this year
      •Random closing of the game
      •Blow back and blow by animations
      •99 GRIND TOO FUCKING LONG,I could be 10th prestige in call of duty by then
      •CONSTANT MICROTRANSACTIONS FORCED UPON US ALL(Like the ability to NOT preview a haircut before paying for it)
      •When you join friends it puts you elsewhere
      •LONG cutscenes you can’t skip
      List go on and on
      Y’all need to hire someone like me who can dictate the BS in the game that community hates,or maybe y’all just don’t give a fuck because the game will indeed sell anyway right???

    • Knight Shot says:

      John Doe lmao it took longer hitint legend in 17 whether you like it or not the good as rewards will always be for the sweaty no life’s or you get em when the games like 2 years old how it always works

    • John Doe says:

      Knight Shot stopped reading after “lmao”

    • *tσtαllчαвє* says:

      Knight Shot 17>18

    • Lowell Carroll says:

      FlyGuy GbG 8

  18. TrapStar Kyle says:

    0:38 yay the most annoying and common blow by dunk animation in the game returns!

    • Ryan Voltage says:

      Even if its annoying Giannis & alot of other people could do could actually do that though

    • da_jeezuss says:

      Ryan Voltage thats what im sayin. There are some moves that have to be overpowered to be realistic. I just hope they get Kareem’s skyhook right his year. Last year it was impossible and its supposed to be nearly unguardable. You just gotta leave it up to the opposing player to keep the ball out of the hands of dudes like that, like real life.

    • Shrek's Dad says:

      TrapStar Kyle when the reply gets more likes than ur comment oof

    • Tru Wavy says:

      Educated Brother na I think I remember doing that in 2k18 mycareer and a lot in NBA Live 18. They need to come with some more exciting dunks.

    • George Geri says:

      that was a eurostep

  19. Dean Schroeder says:

    Why isn’t JaVale McGee the cover of nba2k19

  20. T Svpreme says:

    Literally had to put it in 0.25x slow mo to really see it good.

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