NBA 2K22: Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

NBA 2K22: Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

#NBA2K22 Gameplay is here 🔥

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46 Responses

  1. Charles2K says:

    This isn’t gameplay honestly but ok

  2. Grinding DF says:

    Wow look at all that sweat

  3. Juanposite says:

    Ahora muestren algo del NBA 2K22 por favor.

  4. Prxtatape says:

    “Everything is game” was a better gameplay trailer not gonna lie

  5. Jake Buttari says:

    Community: We need to see gameplay the game comes out in less than 2 weeks!!!!!
    2k: Want to see how we added even more sweat to our player models? Or how about the new feature, where you can hurl your player into the broadcast table or crowd!

  6. agrey832 says:

    Fans: *”We want a game play trailer!!”*
    2K: “Best we can do is scripted cutscenes…”

  7. ThE Book Of SwantE says:

    2k grabbed some replays in quickplay and called it a gameplay reveal

  8. Kingdomhearts says:

    “Add more lights to make the court more lighter so our players can get blind in the middle of a game”

  9. ToNYD2WiLD says:

    We need more sweat please

  10. Jann Vincent Regalado says:

    Here’s the one I noticed:

    Lonzo in Pelicans
    Doncic glitchy rebound
    Curry & Carmelo with the same hairstyle
    Cade Cunningham face scan
    Ja Morant 124 points 😂

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