NBA 2K23: First Look Trailer

NBA 2K23: First Look Trailer

A First Look at #NBA2K23 🔥

More gameplay details to come next week.

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41 Responses

  1. plaa4keeps says:

    Can we finally get a Shoe Share feature? I’m tired of creating every colorway year after year.

  2. Erick says:

    i wish they had a setting for My League where you could start in any season , for example 2012 or something & progress to 2022 & so on. That’d hella sick for us that play My League.

  3. Kartoon Management says:

    Are they upgrading the shoe creator? Seems they have added “text” or is that shoe just in the pre-order/store?

  4. TheChampcrisscross says:

    I liked the Giannis animation where he bodied that dude and dunked it that’s how it should be every time with a smaller defender

  5. Xander Goodin says:

    If they really added bench interactions and more intricate crowd reactions that’d be pretty cool

  6. Gawd Triller says:

    The quality is amazing! Wow 🤩 yall getting me hype. Looking forward to this year. Solidify us 2k hoping this be the year for us content creators 🙏🏾

  7. Ethan Blanchard says:

    Now that they have been improving the crowd graphics it really adds a lot to the environment of the game. Good job 2k 👍

  8. oldnbaschool says:

    Hopefully its playable and they truly make difference this year.

  9. aCrustyCow says:

    I hope the night night celebration and griddy are actually for those two players
    And although they’re not gonna see it I hope they add an actual Jordan Poole jump shot into the game

  10. Jay Neo says:

    can’t wait for 2k19 v5! have already pre-ordered for bonus sweat molecules and new crowd animations! thanks Ronnie!!! 😫🤑

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