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NBA 2K23 GAMEPLAY IS FINALLY HERE! I was able to test out the NEW JORDAN CHALLENGES in NBA 2K23 and I used this time to test 2K23 gameplay features including the new dribbling stamina and dribbling adrenaline meters, the new shot meter and delayed greenlight pop up, the new 2K23 dunk meter and much much more!

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38 Responses

  1. Joe Knows says:


  2. LakerFan says:

    One addition I wanna add that I forgot to tell you, stamina seemed WAY more important for dunking than past years. If I was low on stam, it was nearly impossible to get contacts to pop up. So as I got deeper into games it became harder and harder to do so, compared to the beginning of the games. Likewise with obviously the more I had to dribble to get to the lane, the less likely I was to finish.

  3. BlazeNBA2K says:

    Glad they got you out there Joe cause you actually know what you’re talking about and what to look for no cap, thanks for the info big bro

  4. KD Rusha says:

    The late green is not only suspenseful, it’s more realistic. Just like you feel when a shot should go in as soon as you release when playing IRL, you feel the same thing when holding the shoot button. In real life, the ball going into the net is what reassures you that it was a great release. The green animation is what lets you know in the game. Might as well have the game represent the moment that you know it’s good in real life.

  5. OG ALMIGHTY says:

    w numbers these guys deserve it loving the irl playstyle this year

  6. Aidan Gomez says:

    I hope this new builder and different animations/badges creates build diversity, I just want to see different names and playstyles in the park/rec. It would be a very nice change.

  7. LakerFan says:

    Preciate the shoutout on the dunk meter stuff bro. Any time you need to hit me for footage throughout the year too feel welcome to do so.
    Was so dope finally meeting you, and hope you have a big year!

  8. Jared Ratcliff says:

    Call me an old head but I love the strength and stamina changes. I feel like the last 5 2k’s Ive just been guarding left right and moving around screens

    P.S- I realize that this will probably cause more screens but I would much rather guard a pick and roll with the stamina because ball handlers arent going to be able to go back and forth until they get the screen animation. The screens are fine, if they run a good screen play they deserve the bucket but thats not how screens were used in past 2k’s, just went left, right waiting to get a good screen animation. Its forcing people to actually do stuff that happens in real life, not just 2 sitting corner while one guy dribbles left right until he gets an ankle break animation that the defender cant even control no matter how good he plays it

  9. TooMuchCap says:

    This should be a new experience for everyone, 2k seems to be moving away from the game style we’ve seen from 17 to 22. So we’re all gonna have to adjust in some way.

    • TooMuchCap says:

      @Tony Mcfarland 1. In every game, there always are people who can legitimately iso and are dribble gods. I’ll give it to you if you wanna say it’s not as common as in past years but they do exist.
      2. What I mean by playstyle is that in those games, the most effective offense was using fast glitchy moves to create a 3. With a player only being allowed 3 explosive moves, perhaps this changes what is effective. You never see guys using “realistic” moves in a comp setting because you would get boxed. Maybe we will see that now, or maybe it will still be the same as it has been.
      Good players will adapt regardless.

    • ayethats_Trav says:

      We always do then they complain after they get cooked they don’t understand they can’t fuck with us guards and they defense just ass

    • Tony Mcfarland says:

      Unlike 22 where left right was heavily use due to changes in the dribbling system and mechanics on 17 u actual dribble gods who can create space and get themselves wide open with or without a screen yes the excessive dribbling was somewhat unrealistic but we wouldn’t have that it wasn’t for curry and Kyrie with various more players who dribble out the shot clock and scoring in the last 10 secs with a wild shot or simple dime and the last good DRIBBLING 2k was 19

    • Tony Mcfarland says:

      The playstyle on 17 was completely different compare to 22 wa are u talking about🤨

  10. JaxkSon says:

    Love how strength is becoming a real factor.. tired of 6’4 guards altering my 7 foot center layups

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