NBA Championship Trophy Presentation | Giannis Antetokounmpo is the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player

NBA Championship Trophy Presentation | Giannis Antetokounmpo is the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the Finals MVP and the Bucks are CHAMPIONS!


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42 Responses

  1. neftaly_lop ayala says:

    Even if am a warriors fan the bucks deserve this championship Giannis did every thing he could do and kris Middleton and jrue holiday and brook lopez, congrats bucks on being the 2021 nba champions you guys deserve it good luck next year

    • neftaly_lop ayala says:

      @Hsu your probably a bandwagon for the warriors like even if the warriors lose a finals or a game I still enjoy the game

    • G. Boyz and friends says:

      As a man who analyzed Chris Paul’s career it was obvious who would lose. Chris Paul won the first two games and then lost the next 4. It’s happened 4 times now.

    • Alan Vazquez says:


    • Luka Opacic says:

      @Michael Sheppard I guess you are 30 and are fan of lequeen. Go watch that idiot second part of movie. By the way, how lequeen played this year?!

    • Ray T says:

      @Tiến Anh Nguyễn man, sure you became a Bull’s fun in the 90’s…
      Guess what? I’m a Celtic fun…

  2. MY Kim says:

    Loyalty, Hustle, Athletic, and Giannis. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Let’s go Bucks!!!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  3. Michael R says:

    Grown men can cry. This championship meant so much to me. I can’t believe it’s real. What a rush

  4. OMG TV says:

    When Giannis swears it is not quite understandable because of his greek accent. Props for the editor for not censoring the swear parts

  5. Faazl Zarkasyi says:

    Giannis went from zero to hero

    • Anastasis Bobby G says:

      Don’t mix it up. He was still a hero back in Greece, working to feed his family and building the character that he still has to this day. Hero then, hero now.

    • Mike Arsen says:

      from Greek hero to Greek god

    • Wavy Islander says:

      Lol a zero dude was working hard for his family back home as a kid for basic needs and you’re probably privileged mooching off your parents leeching on their food, money, and shelter which makes you a negative. Enough with the fancy comments that sound good but are demeaning

  6. sdiama says:

    Giannis, at the start of season, when he signed the max contract, decided NOT to chase the championship (such as so many players did), but to build one. To build one, with a small market team, because family is above everything (and Milwaukee is family). This is greatness!!!

  7. Olympiakos worldwide says:

    4:35 Giannis (probably to Thanasis) translation from Greek:
    “Fuck, come to the arena… Come to the arena, Please, Come to the arena”

    • Debo Datta says:

      Honestly he should have been there, I guess cause of the injury he didn’t want to make the trip through traffic. 2 Greek brothers at the top of the world rn

  8. yotsubawashere says:

    “we fucking did it”

    -Giannis Antetokounmpo

  9. Crystal Love says:

    Giannis, First Ballot Hall of Famer.

  10. The Dark Knight Racist says:

    Giannis played like an MVP when he’s not the MVP ! and instead of bringing another “star player” to build super team, they bring Jrue, they couldn’t bring better guy than him, he complete the set !

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