NBA Playoff predictions for Warriors-Kings, Clippers-Suns, Lakers | Colin Cowherd + Jason Timpf

NBA Playoff predictions for Warriors-Kings, Clippers-Suns, Lakers | Colin Cowherd + Jason Timpf

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Colin Cowherd and Jason Timpf react to the NBA Playoff schedule and discuss if the Golden State Warriors lucked out, what will happen to the Los Angeles Lakers, how much of a shot the Clippers have against the Phoenix Suns, and which teams are likely to implode. Plus, they react to the chaotic finish by the Dallas Mavericks, and discuss why Luka Doncic is starting to resemble a much-debated basketball star.

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00:00 – Lakers path
07:30 – Warriors vs. Kings
13:07 – Clippers vs. Suns
26:41 – Mavs chaotic finish
39:38 – Best team in the East?

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33 Responses

  1. Bagbroch says:

    Jason’s ability to be the the sorta sympathetic counter to Colin’s takesman is remarkable. I appreciate the soft landing he provides even when the ultimate answer he agrees with is “this guy ain’t it” haha-it’s a very refreshing thing in this space of outrage and yelling; he’s almost reluctant to really go in on anyone and I like that a lot. Compassion wow! Not everything needs to be nick and stephen a and max and everyone else just shouting. Reminds me of lowe but more from a guy who hoops. Good stuff

  2. Angelo Manoleras says:

    Jason is the best addition to the volume, instant watch when he posts

  3. Born King says:

    That was a great 40 minutes right there! Colin always makes the shows great 💯

  4. TAS0099 says:

    I’m not even the biggest basketball guy, but Jason is awesome. You can tell he watches all three time and loves it

    • Adam Skeans says:

      @Zzz Vain we weren’t talking about who won or didn’t win anything, we were talking about this year and this year’s playoffs, that’s all

    • Hank Yang says:

      @Hajvan What do you mean biased? They just be happy with their favorite team do something.

    • JAugust says:

      he literally said kd hasnt been in an ideal situation for most of his career but that he’s a winner, and made excuses for his failures in okc and brooklyn when those teams are the majority of his career ????

  5. Gian says:

    Love the whole conversation! Cheers Colin and Jason for the great insight

  6. Hopper830 says:

    GP2 was the most underrated acquisition at the trade deadline. To be able to throw him at Fox and Morant is going to be huge.

    • rayvon_13 says:

      @Sam Clark ur funny

    • Pink Freud .. says:

      Jeez Gen Z is like a bunch of emotionally starved children, its like they literally have never had a Dad tell them “Good Job” I had no idea there would 12,000 single mother raised kids showing up to toss the ball in the Backyard

      Its literally like an Orphanage here.

    • Shirkeadores says:

      @Sam Clark Warriors have so many guys to throw at Fox: GP2, Chenzo, Wiggs, Klay, Draymond even. Fox gonna need for screens to get Steph or (even better) Poole on him.

    • Mr Johnson says:

      @Name Less all the lakers needed was a center it’s over now

    • Chris Hash says:

      @LOWKEY even w/25 they can have bad games- not lead their team, get the “others” involved, get exploited on D….I watched Steph do it 1/4 the season

  7. youngdoka says:

    28:00 The talk on Luka potentially ending up like a Carmelo is facts

    • Lucas Frank says:

      He’s better than Carmelo. James Harden is a better comparison.

    • Ceasar Nunez says:

      He’s a great player, but I can also see him eating his way out the league as he ages. He needs to get his diet right. That’s why he seems to struggle on defense

    • Colin Edelman says:

      @Ali Boombaye he’s perfect with the clippers

    • Will N says:

      @Ali Boombaye I would really like him to have a fair shot of 2 more years with this team, constructed around him better(Good D, versatile role players, 2nd legit star who match with his game…) before wanting him to leave.
      But since you asked i would like Giannis or AD(if he wasn’t injured that much)

    • Ali Boombaye says:

      @Will N If he leaves Dallas, where is the best place to land for him? I like him in Milwaukee with Giannis IMO

  8. apierre6 says:

    I really like the interplay between these two. Colin brings a higher level, talk show talking points and Jason brings the deeper basketball understanding. Jason comes just short of saying “Colin, you don’t really know what you’re talking about let me clarify that for you” 😂

  9. xxplosive says:

    Wow this was great. More of you two talking hoops please!

  10. Nic Halabicky says:

    So happy the warriors got the 6th seed! What a crazy season

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