NBA Stadium Basketball TRICKSHOTS vs Julius Randle

NBA Stadium Basketball TRICKSHOTS vs Julius Randle

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Julius Randle

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49 Responses

  1. Smiles 10 says:

    Only people who is here before the vid premieres can like

  2. Lakerfan 249 says:

    Haven’t even watched the video but it’s best video I’ve ever seen

  3. Webb Constable says:

    I look up to you Jesser. You inspire me with all of your videos. Thank you for being you.

  4. xG4LxSour says:

    You are immune to all “like to immune” comments

    No like needed, your welcome

  5. Drew Franklin says:

    What’s up with you playing pelicans players in horse. Next video plays Anthony Davis in a game of Horse.

  6. nig nbahdeuehw says:

    Your amazing jesserr keep up the good work

  7. Uqbah Yasin says:

    Cash is lowkey still mad about not meeting lebron

  8. Brett Chodos says:

    Jesser you are my favorite YouTuber keep doing what ur doing do a video with bing it would be great thanks

  9. Datsme NotMe says:

    Clippers to Lakers to Pelicans. Nice Jesser

  10. Marlow's Trick Shots says:

    Julius Randle was lucky to be in the presence of the GOAT

  11. Cody Turer says:

    What up JESSER? I love your channel

  12. David Kalu says:

    Disrespect Marcelas Howard

  13. Ashton Walsingham says:

    I have never seen somebody take so many layups in horse lol

  14. Anklez Prod says:

    Youre immune to all James Charles comments

    Like to activate

  15. The Extreme team 2 says:

    The title should be Julius Randle playing horse with the GOAT

  16. Ned H says:

    8:25 looks like he went for a high 5

  17. Nayem 001 says:

    Julius Randle is a blacker version of Zack, tell me if you see it

  18. Miami Ball says:

    Yo jesser keep doing great things and more and more will come ??

  19. AgiTheProdigy says:

    Julius Randle is one of the most underrated players in the NBA. He’s been playing great this year for the Pelicans.

  20. Mister Chirs says:

    You should do HORSE with ben Simmons and just shoot threes. ?

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