NBA Young Boy Talks About Fame, His Music, Changing His Ways & More | Billboard Cover

NBA Young Boy Talks About Fame, His Music, Changing His Ways & More | Billboard Cover

NBA Young Boy opens up and reflects on fame, his music, changing some of his ways, and more.

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NBA Young Boy Talks About Fame, His Music, Changing His Ways & More | Billboard Cover


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33 Responses

  1. 5lueLight says:

    Bless him man. Not just because he’s famous, but he is a genuine young man who feels bad for his wrongs and wants to do right.

  2. Breonka S says:

    His soul is still there. You can tell in his voice. Sounds traumatized but he’s himself and he don’t try to be like/copy* nobody. Very smart and well spoken. ❤

  3. Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out says:

    He’s 100% an introvert, he’s a good humble person , he said he’s scared of people because there’s no one as cruel as humans, he reminds me of myself, I was raised by my grandmother, I can tell you kids that were raised by their grandmothers are very different as they are growing up in life.

  4. Aric Robinson says:

    I’ve never been a fan of his, but the maturity that he is now showing is amazing. I hope he continues to show growth and does change his words. The fact that he acknowledges his past wrongs and hopes to change his future shows he is genuine. Congratulations to him on that

  5. Kee-Kee K. says:

    Love who he has become. I’ll always love the realness he brings.

  6. Michele Doram says:

    Period. Respect 💪🏽

  7. Jordyn says:

    Don’t Nobody Wanna See Him Be This Way. He Really Came So Far Its Amazing To See It Im Proud.

  8. Koncerndd says:

    protect youngboy at all costs. its crazy people dont see the “pain” in him but the pain he shows. he deserves the best in life

  9. Dayja Walton says:

    He’s come a long way man😢😢. I’m so proud of him. Want nothing but success for him

  10. hater says:

    YB taking accountability of the message he’s put out over the years and recognizing it wasn’t a healthy message for the youth and taking steps to shift that energy in a positive direction is heartwarming, love or hate him you can’t deny he’s grown so much as a person and artist, can’t wait too see how he progresses in the near future

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