nba youngboy – drawing symbols

nba youngboy – drawing symbols

everything was fake i knew it you’lll never truly know someone in this life we live its cool though yeah that too be prepared to die karma never missed nobody ha ha if you reading hello goodbye

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64 Responses

  1. Dominic Longoria says:

    My comments never get any likes ?

  2. Marcus Graham says:

    Predicting his death again…I swear 2018 the year of death.

    My kids
    A classmate
    Two inspiring artist
    Shit I thought I was going today…

    Still might be..

    Life man.

    • Ladarius Love says:

      Stg just feel like its right around the corner

    • Chaylen Patricia says:

      Exactly . So much talk about death I gotta be careful what I listen to now including youngboy because that shit can get in your spirit and I don’t want that in my atmosphere.. I love youngboy he’s my favorite right now I just wish someone would get him help! He’s been crying out for help

    • D wade 4 Lyfe says:

      Marcus Graham u lost yo kids man that’s a tough pill to swallow ?????

    • Savage Trax says:

      You a straight tweak ??? People die every year

  3. Clarissa Alexia says:

    ???? the description ?

  4. Retro Twix says:

    YB the goat so much love fah ya no gay shit but slattttt???we going thru hard times rn and you helping us thru it and the music u making helping u too keep it up

  5. khris1k- says:

    someone help this man he’s plottin on killin himself, listen to the lyrics #helpkentrell

  6. ŁitBoyz 223 says:

    NBA youngboy and Yungeen ace best pain music

  7. KeekDaSneak says:

    Y’all haven’t noticed the poetry in his music sumn like Tupac ??‍♂️??

  8. Tati Hendrix says:

    His music makes me feel close asf to him like I’m going through ts with him. Man ts deeper than what you think. We love you ?

  9. Vohnz says:

    YoungBoy we love you bruh.

  10. NBA Gaming15 says:

    Yb A Legend Fr ??❤ Like If You Want Yb To See 2020 #Slatt?

  11. ivan acosta says:

    this song is abt kentrell gaulden not nba youngboy hes speaking abt the real him not the famous one everyone knowsss

  12. Im a Virgin says:

    If Youngboy die before Christmas like he said, nobody can no longer deny the Illuminati is real

  13. daylon white says:

    Man I pray for his kids. I want Draco to rap like his father and continue his legacy in a good way.

  14. God's Community says:

    Showers of blessings. ??

  15. DaMain Way says:

    Different flow has been unlocked. Wat new flow is next ?

  16. AimAbove says:

    He made a song about him self ?? Another banger who is he going to write about next ?

  17. YOUNG MIKE. says:

    Texas shii

  18. SpacelyTM says:

    Songs like this, preach etc… Young Boy deserves more credit.

  19. MacZaddyKel says:

    Youngboy made a reference to fortnite.. he said, “he had a shoot out in salty springs, got hit with that heat” its at 0:56

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