NBA Youngboy – FREEDDAWG (Official Video)

NBA Youngboy – FREEDDAWG (Official Video)

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

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51 Responses

  1. Armando Garcia says:

    This finna be on repeat everyday??

  2. Honey cake says:

    Got the Whole city mad I Zip that boy bout what he said???

  3. daylon white says:

    Reckless Youngboy the best Youngboy No cap?

  4. Dippin Dots says:

    1.2M in 9 hours ?? that’s my boy ??

  5. KYNG CAS says:

    We just gonna ignore the 4KTrey on the breaks pad???? 0:18

  6. GmGmike 626 says:

    1:27 BBG Tyler came out dat pool toting dat iron ??

  7. Heidi Caine says:

    Up next?? how many people here before 2 MIL

  8. L'A Capone 600 says:

    “Youngboy Never Broke Again” ? ? This is the old “NBA YOUNGBOY” ???

  9. Fakeem Nichols says:

    Who else been listening to the snippet on instagram before the full song came out???

  10. True Introvert says:

    Although he’s been better. ?If This Song Didn’t Just Proved He’s Better Than NLE Choppa Then Idk What Does ????‍♂️

  11. Aiyonna Alexander says:

    1 minute and 53 seconds of heat?

  12. Phenomenal 4KT says:

    Where the rest of the song?

  13. Red Face says:

    100% of the comments is about like this like tf

  14. Jaysen says:

    1:14 When you start losin in 2k n gotta hit the lag switch real quick ?

  15. Tylan Be wilden says:

    Class tell me about your self :nobody :young boy 0:11

  16. Nba JayJay says:

    Who Ever Like This Will Be Come Successful?❤

  17. Tre6th says:

    job interview: tell me a little about yourself

    youngboy: 0:11

  18. Knine9 says:

    Police ?‍♀️: what all do you have in the car sir?

    Me: 0:11

  19. thuglife daniel says:

    On My Mother Heart I’m going Like this….. You read it ?!

  20. TreGotGame says:

    Song almost made me crash my car bumping way to hard ???

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