NBA YoungBoy – No Sleep

NBA YoungBoy – No Sleep

This shit crazy my nigga. I ain’t pray for this, I ain’t stay up all night for this. I won’t be broken.

No matter what im thankful they wish i was fucked up Time then changed

I will come when you ain’t expecting it🙏

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36 Responses

  1. Scott Chavez says:

    yb speaks to the soul everytime he drops, grateful to see all he accomplished and continue to accomplish.. yb the slime one 💯🏕💪🏾

  2. 50 YoungKid says:

    I pray we don’t ever lose this man! We are witnessing greatness..💚💚

  3. Yusa says:

    i like this vibe so much especially when he actually uses his real voice 💚

  4. mkcapone says:

    this hits, the flow the vibe all of it🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Kentrell says:

    I’m happy you tapping back into your old bag I’m supporting no matter what doe

  6. KezYaDig says:

    This will be on repeat tonight 💚

  7. Kirk Pichotta says:

    YB always hitten. Stay outa the drama so we can continue to enjoy it

  8. 50 YoungKid says:

    Love or Hate Youngboy, this man does major numbers with no features, doesn’t really be on social media heavy, went #1 while locked up (only 2Pac and Wayne did it prior) not to mention his fanbase is bananas, impressive as hell I must say…

  9. RUM PLZZZ MUSIC says:

    I love this track 💣💣💣🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  10. Only da real 💚 says:

    Bro I swear to god on my life I just cried the the whole song. The way he just told the life story is crazy🥸🤕

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