NBA YoungBoy – This Not a Song “This For My Supporters”

NBA YoungBoy – This Not a Song “This For My Supporters”

I feel yo pain, I got you nigga. I’m with you. Just remember to
“Remain a Man” and you (sweet lady) “Remain a Women” don’t let these people flunk you out. I’m gone protect you and preach to the end. We will not be broken. The only option is to win. A Gangster is not who you say you are. “it’s who you show you are” it’s not what these niggas trying to dictate you to be
-Make your own decisions and stand on it
Ps. From the biggest 5 “yo slime” AI YOUNGBOY

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21 Responses

  1. Kyjuan Hughes says:

    NBA is honestly preaching positivity and #stoptheviolence in a way that this generation is used to listening

    • FOX13 says:

      Action speak louder than words the drones his certain companies in certain people ..The balance will and after the people who are being innocent child and mother are ended he has an option to work for me papers are going to be drawn up that’s on him otherwise it’s some other people are just going to prison is different for everybody I’m not gonna get into it but action speak louder than words like I said actions speak louder than words he’s not an entrapment so now they’re copying what I said

    • Johnny Bravo says:

      NBA so far down you sissy niggaz throats.

    • ANKIT says:

      a bunch of ran thru black bitches listen to him thats the only bad part of Yb

  2. Stock Market Research Black Business Wallstreet BBW says:

    I am close to 50 than 40 and you can move mountains with your pain in music. Lonely Child is my 🙏 song. I really appreciate you for not turning your generation into junkies. You have a morals in your song. You are on a different level. You can get the youth thru the pain, without getting high ✨️ Keep up the great work.

  3. Reuben F. says:


  4. Jordan Breeze says:

    I’ve listened to this on repeat since it released. I get chills every time

  5. KingBundie Productions says:

    Salute to yb the growth in him since he first came out is mind blowing. Protect this king at all costs 🙏

  6. ForgiveZharion says:

    Protect Nba Youngboy At All Costs We Can’t Lose This Legend🙏

  7. Jeraed Taylor says:

    Thank you Youngboy for this elegant soulful song you’ve presented upon this generation and generations to come your name/legacy lives on and within everybody doing wrong or tryna get right. To anybody and everybody reading this gods got something bigger in store for you than what you believe in just believe in him and he will guide you on the path you was born in. Amen have a blessed day. ❤

  8. Mode Bender says:

    Thanks for seeing the light, my brother. It’s time to elevate the minds of our people to break the chains of hopeless, poverty, and ignorance. There’s great power in the words one speaks; the enemy is clever by ways of using influence in spaces to do their bid. Use your gifts for the greater good and you thirst. Be that light folks need in their hearts right now, be that star in the dark nights.

    My favorite track🌹👑

  9. YPNGotti says:

    I love this approach to stop the violence, he used his aggressive tone to appeal to the younger audience.. thanks for getting in that door and elevating your understanding to help take a step to stopping the violence, congratulations on your marriage 💚 this message will forever reign , you trending slime

  10. bluesky713 says:

    I♥️this…I’m 50 years old..and my college babygirl listen to all types of music..but for the past 3 year I must say you are the GOAT for this generation. Keep Your head up. Once I heard lonely child that hit me in so many different ways because I can relate to that song. And I get in an arguments with my nieces and nephews regarding your music because to me you have a story to tell.. that’s what separate you from these rappers. Keeping you in my prayers and keep doing what you doing baby boy.

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