NBC Nightly News Full Broadcast – August 29th, 2021

NBC Nightly News Full Broadcast – August 29th, 2021

Hurricane Ida slams into Louisiana, New Orleans official urges residents to shelter in place, and honoring the fallen U.S. service members killed in Kabul.

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41 Responses

  1. BLZ says:

    If you guys don’t get Al out of that mess!😅

  2. Buddha Cook says:

    I hope & pray that everyone stays safe thru this massive hurricane that is about to hit.
    Poor Al being outside & reporting on this oncoming nightmare.
    Stay well & be safe all, as u certainly don’t need this ADDED stress during a Pandemic. 💖🙏

    • Starfleetguy 1 says:

      Yeah! Pray! That’s a great idea!
      And we’ll all know the ones god didn’t protect because they’ll be tomorrows dead people!

    • Buddha Cook says:

      @Starfleetguy 1 why are u mad at God?

    • Starfleetguy 1 says:

      @Buddha Cook
      Why is it only idiots ask why I’m mad at god!?
      I’m not mad at god, because god doesn’t exist!
      Can’t you understand that!? It would be the same as being mad at Santa!
      How can you possibly be mad at something that doesn’t exist!?
      I’m trying to make you understand that prayer has NEVER made any difference whatsoever! NEVER!

    • Duramax Dad says:

      @Buddha Cook He just mad cause he got health issues. God didn’t heal him. So he believes prayer is worthless. Prayer can raise your own awareness, distill your thoughts and path, instill a belief in a positive future, we may all be Gods ourselves or we may have a universal consciousness to tap into, with much work can answer all things for all time.

      Ever studied humans like Nikola Tesla? He was able to invent so many things. Use his mind to see vivid plans for power stations. Tried to give us universal power, got blocked by the powers that be, who wanted a power meter to charge man kind.

    • Buddha Cook says:

      @Starfleetguy 1 so u must believe in Evolution then….where we just popped into existence as little micro organisms & just started evolving.
      It must be sad to just believe that there is just blackness & nothing after u die.

  3. john smith says:


    • D. Adamson says:

      Psychology101: When people see other people in real danger
      they get hypnotized AND watch the tube!

    • CaliGaming says:

      @Timothy Brown go put one on in the storm rere

    • Hillbilly Deadtime Stories says:

      They will make them wear a mask with no one around them because they are do concerned for their health,, but make them stand in a hurricane

    • Borrowed Truths says:

      There are decisions that must be made in this life, one of which seems foolish to many at this time. Click on that red icon to the left there, watch one or two of the short videos, leave a comment, if you want to.

    • Tim Mebruer says:

      Everyone’s waiting for a weatherman to get brained by a 2×4 on live tv

  4. Jub jub says:

    Listen fellas. I appreciate that standing outside makes for a great shot but, I’d much rather you and your teams be safe inside somewhere.

    • Candace Dawn says:

      Call me weird, but I think it would be interesting to report there as long as I could be guaranteed my safety, lol!

    • D. Adamson says:

      Elementary my dear watson.. “People watching other people in danger raises the televised ratings and viewership!?

    • Kaleb Wooden says:

      They definitely choose to go there and they probably make significantly more money when they are there reporting it.

    • just potato says:

      Facts Bro

    • Patrick Conrad says:

      It’s annoying because it’s probably why a lot of people feel they can wait out the storm. Watching news reports standing in the hurricane definitely makes people think “it doesn’t look that bad.” Stupid and irresponsible of these people.

  5. Cody Orr says:

    Why do they have to stand out in the weather? If they were reporting on a broken sewer line I wouldn’t expect them to stand in it.

    • Dena Taylor says:

      @canoeshoe EXACTLY 💯 EVERY FREAKIN TIME!!! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • Green Beans says:

      @Josie D.G. reporters have been standing out in hurricanes for decades, long before the bandwagon of “fake news” got going. The media’s delivery has become evermore dramatic and sensational in order to get viewership and ratings. It is annoying how these reporters flail their arms, use exaggerated expressions and wording, ask rediculous questions of people and raise their voices. They speak way to fast and the delivery is frantic, like a machine gun. I hate to watch as it looks foolish.

    • Josie D.G. says:

      @Green Beans I live in Sweden, so I wouldn’t know anything about that. Our broadcast journalists are completely opposite.

    • Zero Gravity says:

      The more you are OUT IN THE FIELD, the more pay.😎

    • jake b says:

      news is entertainment first so if it isn’t exciting, another network will be. if its informative along the way, even better!

  6. SUDHIR PATEL says:

    95% of the people interviewed said whatever dude, I have seen way worse, and my life is already a wreck. Then they did like Woody Harrelson in 2012.

  7. Marv Watkins says:

    Stay safe all, including NBC staffers.

  8. BanBan Chi says:

    While all of them are dramatic, Miguel Almaguer takes the cake.

    That said I hope everyone there’s minimal loss of life due to that storm.

  9. Doug Maag says:

    bet roker is really contemplating retirement today…

  10. clberka says:

    The soldiers who died were just children…. so very young. I know those who serve are young, but now that I am older, I look at these faces, and it breaks my heart to see their lives hadn’t even begun…. I hope their families find solace, as impossible as it may be.

    • george almaraz says:


    • JP says:

      Thank the Biden administration for yet another great decision that puts Americans in danger 🤦‍♂️🤡💩

    • James Dean says:

      If you accept military wages and expect not to go to war you a fool see america got they boys confused they think they invincible wrong life is the prize

    • Justin Wyatt says:

      Nobody cared about the other 2,448 soldiers who died.
      Let honor all of are soldiers.

    • JP says:

      @Justin Wyatt people care about every life lost…who doesn’t care are the politicians that put these great men and women in harms way and in this case it was needless reckless planning by an incompetent administration

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