NCIX Bankruptcy Auction – Day 2 FINALE

NCIX Bankruptcy Auction – Day 2 FINALE

Will we get the silver play button? Will anyone find some insane deals on video cards? The NCIX Bankruptcy Auction saga continues…

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64 Responses

  1. Rafael Castillo says:

    Well, at least Linus got a silver play button with LinusCatTips

  2. duo2nd says:

    Linus deserves that Play Button!

    • Tal Sterenberg says:

      Linus gave the guy his play button, if the guy were to be pressured into giving Linus his button back I highly doubt Linus would be pleased.

    • Nosher Khan says:

      It’s Linus’ decision. Check your privilege, man!

    • duo2nd says:

      Yeah right as if someone buying a play button will instantly make you have hit 100,000 subscribers already. It’s the equivalent of cheating on College level physics in real life.
      FYI: Mindchop uses BOTS to get views, not legit content! And it’s a BULLSHIT countdown channel FFS

  3. Steven da Silva says:

    the mindchop guy last video was 3 months ago

  4. OrangeC7 says:

    “I’ll just charge the company”
    Linus ain’t messin’ with him today, that’s for sure.

  5. I Snort Memes says:

    “Do you know who i am”

  6. Red Beard says:

    “Yeah…I probably watch your videos”…so no he doesn’t know Linus

  7. Guata 08 says:

    Welcome to a Canada full of rich kids from China…

  8. Ö _ says:

    So, like most of you, I finished the video then searched Mindchop…Linus, you’re way too nice of a person, and I mean it in a bad way. Maybe it was a heat of the moment thing and you felt sorry for the guy…but it was just a low effort Top 10 channel…

  9. Dr. Ass says:

    What a fucking horrible performance. Not only you didn’t get the thing you wanted most. But you just went and gave to a cancer bot channel.
    Linus, I am disappointed

  10. Tyler says:

    Linus I know you were trying to be nice but he had a top 10 channel for gods sake

  11. assignmant says:

    Does the nvida shield work?

  12. Protected Method says:

    He probably didn’t get the 100k award because his entire channel is botted lol… That was fun as hell to watch though…

  13. TheDarkRaptor says:

    So to sum it up, all this was a waste of Linus’ time.

  14. freshcoastrhymer says:

    Linus’s next video: We STOLE the NCIX plaque from Mindchop! (Sponsored by Intel)

  15. KlosBoss - BDKult says:

    Can we appreciate that surpassed 100K subscribers? I feel bad that a botted/bought top 10 channel has Linus’ play button.

  16. fatae allen says:

    lol dude paid for a plaque so he can pretend he earned it on his channel. lol

    • Cody says:

      look at his views… 18k.. 7K…. 10K… His 1million subs were bought. I am actually reporting his channel for fake subs.

    • J O'Neill says:

      lol relax, its a button. he has multiple videos that have 1 million views+ good for him.

    • devilmikey00 says:

      Or you know look at his older content which all has hundreds of thousands/millions of views on every video. His channel has only recently declined. Don’t be an asshole just because he makes content you dislike not to mention his channel is clearly dead already.

    • Willy Ruthless says:

      his older videos used to pull good views

    • Gamer_TV says:

      J O’Neill Yeah, botted vids, that an asshole move…

  17. Rizu Ya says:

    Next Nvidia shield review.

  18. deIlluminati says:

    AMA Request: Dude who purchased GPU coolers worth 300 dollars for 2k

  19. Cameron Miller says:

    If you are so stressed then buy the stress balls 🙅🏼‍♂️

  20. Akash7713 says:

    I want LTT to bankrupt and watch Linus do auction vlog again :p

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