Neal Brennan Tells an Embarrassing Story About John Mulaney Meeting the Obamas

Neal Brennan Tells an Embarrassing Story About John Mulaney Meeting the Obamas

Neal Brennan recounts meeting President Obama with Seth and John Mulaney and he talks about his recent visit to Thailand.
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Neal Brennan Tells an Embarrassing Story About John Mulaney Meeting the Obamas- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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35 Responses

  1. New Message says:

    “This was 8 years ago, so… Mulaney was…”

    9 years old? I’m guessing 9 years old.

  2. whataloadofbollox says:

    Neal Brennan is a very under-rated comedian, his stand up on Netflix is fantastic.

  3. Isak ElAteo says:

    Yes, we all clock it :’D

  4. Jim Edwards says:

    oh, another hipster Hollywood anti-Trump guest on the Seth show, shocking.

    • Jorn Navarre says:

      It’s because all the 60yo Pro Trump wackos are in bed by 9 lol

    • Jorn Navarre says:

      +Utkarsh Singh Oh look it’s another Pro Trump troll, with a fake name lol

    • Utkarsh Singh says:

      +Jorn Navarre Its why I put my picture up there!

    • KantSmasher says:

      +Utkarsh Singh i think Jorn was talking to OP, not you. Your comment didn’t appear to be pro-Trump – was it meant to be?

    • Utkarsh Singh says:

      +KantSmasher Yeah yeah I meant the picture thing as in there are a lot of profiles trolling out here with super generic names and no profile pics. Like a whole lot! I try not to respond at all unless somebody has a profile pic and not-fake-sounding name lol

  5. Generic Username says:

    This guy always has the worst glasses.

  6. Sahiry Gnobehi says:

    Clock his Netflix stand up. It’s really good.

  7. Mike Stevens says:

    mango an manitee barbicue

  8. emypia says:

    Such a wonderful comedian!

  9. Denise R. says:

    Brennan has the best segments on the Daily Show!

  10. Nx Doyle says:

    At first I didn’t get what was funny about the pic of the two kids, because I thought the tattoos were clothes.

  11. Mary Rose Kent says:

    Green mango? Sour mango? Yellow mango with sticky rice (khao niao ma muang)?

  12. aliuzy says:

    I’m watching this while wearing my John Mulaney shirt

  13. RNLH says:

    john mulaney is clickbait but it works

  14. Izere Lynda says:

    Neal, you should try mangoes from Nigeria. All natural, directly from the tree.

  15. Rolling Ormond says:

    Chappelle’s washed-up ex-partner slinging showbiz stories for his supper. Oh, well, get it while you can…

  16. Khari Turner says:

    I just image Mulaney looking at the title and just going “OHHH NOOOOO”

  17. Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer says:

    Neal Brennan Tells a Story involving John Mulaney and Meeting the Obamas

  18. CAT says:

    I love Neal’s stories. Such a great performer. If you haven’t seen his Netflix special, it’s awesome !

  19. VianneyCreates says:

    I’m partial to Mexican mangos. But, hey, I’m Mexican!

  20. AdamTheTiger says:

    If you are reading this, I hope you have or had an AWESOME day 😊 AdamTheTiger 🐯

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