Need for Speed Payback Official Gamescom Trailer

Need for Speed Payback Official Gamescom Trailer

The return of intense cop chases means the stakes have never been higher.

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With helicopters and Rhinos in their arsenal, you’re going to have to push yourself, and your car, to the limit if you’re going to outrun and get away from the local PD. One thing is for sure, they certainly won’t go easy on you.

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Need for Speed™ Payback will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Origin.

Release Date: November 10, 2017, across all three platforms.

Performed by Ohana Bam
Written by Brenton Smith, Jaswinder Singh, Christopher Meesen, Jabari Rayford, Robert Gueringer and Nasul Lee
Published by Ohana Bam Music, Jazzfeezy Publishing/BMG Platinum Songs, Rayford Music Publishing and Copyright Control
Recording courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.

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20 Responses

  1. Triggly Happy says:

    *meanwhile in the ea headquarters*
    Manager: “We forgot to rip them off”
    *office panics*
    IGN: “new exclusive tiresmoke DLC 10/10, so much water “

  2. Buju says:


  3. Shaan Ahmmad says:

    Where is #GTR

  4. Mr.MustacheTako says:

    ill buy this…….. IF YOU PUT IT ON THE SWITCH!!!!! (already have all of the good racing games on PC)

  5. Spoopanoob says:

    Who Else Is Going To Drive With A Gaming Steering Wheel 🙂

  6. TryHard Grimm4u2c says:

    no no no EA we want skate 4

  7. an nonym says:

    Nice fast and Furious movie

  8. andrew evolution says:

    Another modern NFS unlike U2, MW, PS, HP… take my DISLIKE !

  9. Bax365 says:

    The new Fast and Furious is looking great.

  10. ali jaber says:

    Improve the garbage driving system.

  11. Jay Mag says:

    I was ready for Cross to get out of the corevette

  12. mewtwoy says:

    Come on man! why only this cutscene? show us the gameplay!

  13. JEYRAVID 99 says:


  14. PhantomMemor1ez says:

    Need For Forza: The crew payback

    This likes tho, thx guys.

  15. Captain America says:

    Starting to get a little cheesy

  16. Nuke says:

    Pretty stupid looking.

  17. BoomCHAKADAH says:

    this is trash, go ask DICE how trailers are made.

  18. FetoohGaming says:

    Guys anyone noticed that? 0:44 it’s like a sound of electricity or a spark and then the M5 stopped to move and focus on the headlights.

  19. 3vilCraft4EveR says:


  20. Amir Brewer says:

    This will be lit despite any negativety. The game isnt even out yet and people are bashing it. They’re obviously trying to listen to every request and on this one they’ve listened again and who knows what the game has to offer. If you don’t want it #Don’tBuyIt. so simple.

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