Negotiating a pawn shop

Negotiating a pawn shop

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34 Responses

  1. Cesar Aranda says:

    Now thats what i call a gambler 😂🤙🏻

  2. Patricio Peci says:

    Bruh the sellers face tells the whole story🤣🤣💀

  3. Natty says:

    Ngl he seemed pretty cool if you had offered $50 he’d probably take it 😂

    • Eric Deniz says:

      @SMELLYDOG bro you’re getting scammed. Prices should be dropped by now since the ps5 came out 1 and a half ago and ps4 is over 10 years of age now I think. Buy from ebay or somewhere cheaper.

    • Noxa On 60fps says:


    • Qwynn Blackburde says:

      That’s what I thought

    • Callestya says:

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  4. Jerm says:

    Seller is honestly so chill 😂

  5. Cody Statham says:

    I laughed so hard when he said tickle me testacls

  6. Zoey Nolasco says:

    “ Tickle me testicles” had me dead😂☠️

  7. Kellett & Ur Mom says:

    I love how the guy has no reaction to “tickle me testicles”

  8. Dr. Zoidberg says:

    Man, people underestimate what he’s doing. He’s stopping his fear of rejection which in turn builds his confidence but ALSO makes him more convincing by boosting his confidence. Pro move.

  9. Rock Organ says:

    It amazes me how this dude stays serious in all these skits it’s hilarious

  10. Tricky Guy says:

    Pro shopkeeper 😎🔥

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