Neighbor’s Engine is TORE UP… Here’s What Happened! (good/bad news)

Neighbor’s Engine is TORE UP… Here’s What Happened! (good/bad news)

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75 Responses

  1. VMPPerformance says:

    Glad to see everything is on it’s way to getting fixed!

  2. Abner Ortega says:

    In the thumbnail it looked like if the c6 was getting pulled over ?

  3. S&R Motoring says:

    Wait a minute…did I hear that right?! People were actually calling L&M talking sh**? I mean who does that?

  4. Andrew G says:

    I wanna see some dale truck action plz ???

  5. Michael Taylor says:

    It’s annoying how everyone blames parts manufacturers. Anybody making that much power knows things break.

    • Weesie1998 says:

      Michael Taylor so when u making that much power and u buy all the best parts for that power who do u blame?

    • Gary P says:

      +Garrett Kidwell I think it’s time to start filtering what’s fed to the monkeys bro, social media sucks balls and these kids will never learn. Good on ya for continuing with the back of the manufacturer, I hope all goes well for nabour ?

    • Garrett Kidwell says:

      Paul Houchen not near as many millions as a friggin hyper car though

    • Garrett Kidwell says:

      Gary P im only a teen myself! but man most kids my age are lost, bunch of internet mechanics haha, hope to see neighbor rippin again soon ?

    • Pete Hoefs says:

      A big ole right foot can break more than one might think,,,lol

  6. littlearsehole75 says:

    Cleetus is a stand up guy.

  7. Homebrew Horsepower says:

    Cam bearing failed, probably an oiling issue. Cam seized, causing the chain to break, valves stopped moving, pistons hit valves and broke the rockers.

    • arkhsm ford says:

      My pick is…those chains were weakened when the motor would barely turn over; the morning after the Cleetus and James 1,000+ hp nitros show. As they said then, the head gasket leaked water into the cylinder, and the engine hydrauliced upon start up . I would guess that the strain on the chains at that time was immense !! Sounds like these chains have been on this engine from birth, also !!

    • D C says:

      +Daniel Brealeythats true as well. I think they were using aftermarket cams in this engine too? maybe an issue with the dowel pin in the aftermarket cam was extended a little farther than factory causing excessive pressure on the timing chain sprocket? or if the dowel pin is in the sprocket, the hole in the cam wasn’t deep enough? its strange that the secondary timing chain broke you would think that does less work than the primary. so thought gear failure but we will never know! if i were them, blame the parts on this one to save face lol… remember the rocker arm falling off ruby from not being tightened an episode or two back? im laughing with them not at them, i love this channel!

    • bobwatters says:

      +ice788 Exactly, if the cam seized there would be serious discoloration on it. Plus they said they had 80psi oil pressure which is high enough to start blowing seals, like the rear main. This was an old chain with higher lift cam and stiffer springs issue, should have put a new HD chain to deal with the added stress of the bigger cam build, which on LSX engines is pretty much rule one of bigger cam builds, but not sure with Fords.

    • Justin Caldwell says:

      I think they cams weren’t properly timed, causing valves to open at incorrect times and hit pistons.

    • bobwatters says:

      +Justin Caldwell If that was the case the engine would not have ran, they would have noticed that when they turned the engine over by hand.

  8. Baker 1971 says:

    I’m glad I found this channel. Great personality’s no BIG HEADS thinking they can do no wrong. Love it.
    Peace ✌️

  9. hometown horsepower says:

    you guys need a borescope!!

  10. Rodcodnito 00 says:

    No 10mm in oil pan. Stuff happens. It had to be in time.

  11. xckrebel says:

    Dump those 4V heads and get some TFS 2V heads. Less chains, less valves and more performance. Plus a 2V sounds WAY better than a 4V anyway. The TFS heads relocate the valves and give much more cushion for P2V clearance and issues if something happens. And to the idiots who blame L&M, you’re a bunch of retarded window lickers. Those guys make VERY high HP modular engines and rarely EVER have an issue, and if they do they always stand behind their products and work. You shouldn’t ever reuse timing hardware, valve train hardware or any rotating assembly hardware to begin with. It just had a hardware break, simple as that. Bolts break, parts wear out and break and shit happens. It’s a race car thing. He made 1000+ HP on essentially a stock engine before swapping short blocks, that’s not something to just pass off as common place and “easy to do”

    • BuzzkillBenny says:

      xckrebel and depends which mod motor your talking about. You talking the pi or the non pi? With trick flow heads or afr? Windsor or Romeo ? I know plenty of mod motors when it comes to the old 2v. But I’m not here to show case that. Because you really weren’t specific on which mod motor should be used.

    • BuzzkillBenny says:

      xckrebel yikes insults already. You seem pleasant.

    • SaleenDriva says:

      …legit no one has ever made more power with a 2V head on a 4V capable platform, especially with boost involved. Ask any Lightning guy thats gone to Navi 4V heads, any 99-04 GT owner thats blown thousands on Fox Lake ported heads just to see a mildly polished 4V head out flow them, or legitimately anyone else that has the budget for 4V heads. The ONLY time I’d swap TO 2V heads would be on a 3V because fuck phasers.

    • Justin Young says:

      Ford GT heads are better than Trick Flow heads, not even an arguement. Yes the TFS 2v head is a great design but such a step back in terms of overall potential

    • Dingus E. Dow says:

      +Tdfries Oh God.

      Take your book learning & shut thw fuck up until you get some real world experience you stupid little shit…

  12. kheff46 says:

    You would likely have cam correlation codes if your timing was off. Your timing is fine, you would know if it was off. I just rebuilt a 5.4, 4.6, and a v10 within the last 4 months. Same timing procedure. Normally these interference engines will have contact even a tooth off forward or backwards. I highly suggest the HD chains

    • bobwatters says:

      Same, especially with the bigger cams one tooth in either direction they would not have the PTV clearance to turn the motor over. Bigger cams with stiffer springs adds a lot of stress on the timing chain, it’s best to upgrade it even if it’s just for piece of mind because breaking a chain wrecks a motor.

    • alanjrkaminski says:

      Kheff46 holley doesn’t send factory codes

  13. Rusted n busted Mopars says:

    This channel used to be crazy fast passes and roadtrips with a wrecked corvette NOW It’s building engines, blowing them up then engine analysis tear downs. I love it

    • ice788 says:

      They just entered the high HP world. Breaking numerous diff cases on Leroy was crazy to see happen. Those are serious digs off the line.

    • Spencer Bell says:

      When the racing season comes around again it will be back to the crazy fast Bette passes

    • Chiclone- Tests says:

      Never saw that much of the most reliable v8’s in the universe destroyed before…

    • Kelton Derkach says:

      Not so good for Cleetus bank account lmao but stuff happens when u make this power

    • Derby City Stig says:

      Kelton Derkach he gets a lot of his stuff deeply discounted because he’s basically a Texas Speed commercial lol. Just glad these companies support creators!

  14. trumpio says:

    This is a very common Ford failure and Ford has never owned up to the problems with this timing drive. I had a forged 99 4V engine grenade in 2001 in the exact same manner – mine even spit the bolt out the front covers which I had spent weeks hand polishing.

    Basically the stretch bolts and washers from the factory don’t provide enough clamp load – contrary to popular belief it’s not the key in the sprocket/cam that drives the assembly, it’s torque transmitted through the clamp load.

    ARP makes aftermarket bolts which are capable of achieving more clamp load – one failed in my case – what ARP didn’t realize at the time is that the washer was deforming under the increased load of the bolt and reducing the contact surface area and clamp load causing the bolt to spin and twist apart. Later they released a much thicker washer to work with their bolt.

    Your best bet to prevent this from happening is using a Cloyes billet adjustable cam gear set, and ARP’s bolts and heavy duty washers. Or trash that boat anchor engine and run something else.

    • 1CoLoRz2 says:

      Really? From what I’ve seen the 2 and 4vs are very reliable. At least I’ve never had issues with mine. The only thing I’ve heard is the plastic chain guides can wear out and fail pretty quickly. But I recently had my timing cover off with about 150k miles and they were still in great shape

    • Tony Mastropietro says:

      Clamp force

    • bobwatters says:

      Not familiar with these engines but that sure sounds plausible, although with a used timing chain, high lift cam and stiffer springs a used timing chain is NOT a good idea, even a new stock chain is not a good idea for most engines with bigger cams.

  15. Michael Adams says:

    That white square body damn. Looks good in white

  16. 123 123 says:

    Reusing timing chains 3 times is some real Cleetus McFarland SHIT… HELL YEAH BROTHER !!

  17. David Appleton says:

    Much respect for not immediately blaming L&M. You’ve obviously learnt that you will get much more help by not immediately blaming the seller or manufacturers. L&M will have a reputation for quality that they want to keep so they will be more than fair with you.

    • D C says:

      Great observation, love this channel. no disrespect to these guys but lets not forget cleetus and james didn’t manage to tighten rocker arms on the ls motor in the c6 corvette. these same you-tubers assemble this fords top end with quad cams and triple timing chains! oh boy… well it makes for a good video! maybe it was the chain, or the sprocket not seated properly before it was torqued, we may never know! obviously was not L&M though

  18. Pops Smith says:

    It’s frustrating that people take it upon themselves to send hate to shops you work with. They are are hurting you channel when they do that. What shop will work with you when they get slammed on the Internet for something that isn’t even their fault. I hope people realize this. These companies seem to work really well with you.

    • tf is your deal kid? says:

      dude parts failure can happen all the time, yeah its probably not the companies fault but parts failure does happen no matter how well the part was made, the material, or how expensive they are, when he had problems with leroy he always said not to bash the companies they work with….. its just something that happens

    • jhoe1upGuy says:

      He can’t give a shop/company props without the chance that something bad happens and and people will blame the shop.

  19. ParadigmUnkn0wn says:

    2:10 Cleetus admits to liking a Ford more than a Chevy? And more than Leroy?

    • zDrums says:

      The sentiment for Ed is worth more than 7 sec Leroy. I can understand that. Ed, by all accounts, was gentleman and an absolute legend.

    • 1CoLoRz2 says:

      Not suprising tbh

    • Kade Slattum says:

      I think all of these comments are right, and also this is the goof around car. It’s specifically made to have fun in and be fast as fuck and reliable. Almost like a race car daily, whereas Leroy is strictly a drag built car. He only truly shines on the strip. LSX>5.2 though lol

    • bobwatters says:

      +Kade Slattum Yeah plus it’s the car he can put other people in and lets other people drive, it’s not the time to get serious and break records Leroy The Savage type of car.

    • Don victory says:

      I’m not surprised motherfuckers !!- Nate Diaz

  20. Richard Fitzwell says:

    The 7ft timing chain of death spares nobody.

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