Neighbors in Tennessee city worry as Amazon packages pile up outside home

Neighbors in Tennessee city worry as Amazon packages pile up outside home

In a neighborhood near Chattanooga, Tennessee, one home stands out since it has hundreds of amazon packages spread across its lawn. A neighbor says new boxes arrive daily -and many of the ones outside are half full or empty. People who live in the area have contacted the police and city and written notes to the people who live in the home. So why are the packages piling up?

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30 Responses

  1. It's only a Jimmy! says:

    That last guy is a true American hero. Let people live. Quote of the century.

  2. Danita Josephine says:

    If I were considering buying a house in this neighborhood, seeing this would seal the deal for me. It’s got to be the safest neighborhood to live in theft wise

  3. Jay says:

    Will everyone is worried about the packages getting stolen. I’m worried about the weather ruining the packages.

    • nunya biznez says:

      Most likely this is part of a scam operation. I would seriously doubt the collective value of the contents of all those packages exceeds $1

  4. ShootNPissUrSelf says:

    I love how the Amazon drivers just nonchalantly dropped off packages amonsgt the pile

  5. mike askme says:

    This is a great neighborhood to live in, to have that many packages outside your home and no one has decided to go porch pirating, great community.

  6. Alexandra says:

    Dude at the end seems like a happy guy. No stress, no drama. An example to us all

  7. Study with me says:

    I love the “couldn’t care less” guy at the end. If only more people were like him

    • Slappy says:

      Yeah that’s really stupid, because it’s people like that who don’t care if the person next door is trafficing children or selling drugs or anything like that.

    • Study with me says:

      @Slappy this is true. I never thought of it in that way before.

  8. Raszsa says:

    “ I could careless, let people live.”
    😂😂😂 I love this guy

  9. Connie Wallace says:

    So cool to see a Karen and a normal person in this clip, Karen says it makes the neighborhood look bad and my man says let people live, it just shows how Karen cries about stupid little things

  10. David Brown says:

    It really doesn’t matter. People should mind their own business.

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