Neil Young + Promise of the Real – Children of Destiny (Official Music Video)

Neil Young + Promise of the Real – Children of Destiny (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for Neil Young + Promise of the Real “Children of Destiny.” Get the song now at

“Children of Destiny” was recorded and mixed at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA, and produced by The Volume Dealers: Neil Young and Niko Bolas. Young, along with Promise Of The Real, and a 56 piece orchestra – 62 musicians in all – played together on the final piece. Al Schmitt recorded and mixed, while strings were arranged, orchestrated, conducted and co-produced by Chris Walden.

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20 Responses

  1. JJ Surma says:

    I was hoping to watch this on vinyl.

  2. Senor Keksalot says:

    LOL. pile o shit. is this how he spends his time now? dude….please, just make good music. stop preaching.

  3. sergio falcone says:

    Long may you run, brother Neil!

  4. Linda Schuler says:

    I love the new song. The video is so powerful, and beautiful. Happy 4th~God Bless Our Beautiful Lands and her People. Much love, Linda <3

  5. Max Steel says:

    It’s a sweet song.
    A bit repetitive but your legendary status makes up for that.
    “Still”, though I do love hippies, Trump must be met with vitriol, anger, and confrontation.
    He’s a brute and understands nothing else.
    I wish us all luck.

  6. Frank Muddiman says:

    I have always liked Neil Young but his latest output is really poor. This is awful and I am sorry to say it.

  7. Rick Brenner says:

    I love Neil, but it’s too bad all these political and social protest songs don’t do a bit of good.

  8. Rusty Fender says:

    Well that truly sucks, what the hell, if a new unknown artist put this crap out, they would certainly remain unknown. Ya the shitzpa Neil’s put out recently doesn’t have any appeal to me. And I like the guy, seen him in concert 3 times, even bought a few of his albums over the years.

  9. lol.. just lol says:

    Honestly this is terrible. Neil Young used to be the MASTER of the protest song. Now it’s like he’s lost all sense of subtlety and metaphor and is just churning out thoughtless hippy bullshit. It’s just like you sang Neil, the wooden ships were just a hippy dream! Please go back to making inspiring, topical music. These songs are too easy, too simple and do a disservice to you as a songwriter and your back catalogue as a rock legend. I’m sorry but it’s true.

  10. Canesugar ishealthier says:

    Neil is somebody who speaks out, whats happening,
    what others don`t dare to.
    America needs change.
    This whole planet needs change!
    If we don`t stand up, who will do OUR job for us?
    It`s our world we live in, our children and grandchildren will have to live here, so we plant their future.
    People obviously need someone to tell them to STAND UP for themselves….
    help to wake people up.
    If nobody does anything what do you think the world will look like in 100 years?
    Think about it before you`re critzising others and think about the children!
    And f#ck those who just don`t get it.

  11. Greeneyed Cat says:

    How many of you stand up for their believes?

  12. snappytoetapper6 says:

    I still have His Harvest album, yes I’m 59 fucking years old. Seen Neil play many times here in the S.F. area where I’ve lived most of my life, so has he. I simply don’t know what to say about this. Maybe if it was just him and his Les Paul screaming out these words they would have meant more. I will always be a fan. He has produced some amazing music, simply far above so many others is the business. He, like many of us are getting old. We need you young folks to get out there and say something with music again. Justin Bieber and the army of worthless rapper’s are a blight on music….

  13. vince macri says:

    well done Neil, keep the debate going.
    while people are talking about this song good or bad, they are talking.
    just hope it sinks in!

  14. philinwhiterock says:

    Boy you either love or hate this new tune from Neil. 60/40 split just like the country after 6 months of Trump. Keep on rocking Neil. It may not be the best tune you ever wrote but your hearts in the right place. You are right about one thing. People need to focus on what kind of world we are leaving our grandchildren.

  15. Mark Halas says:

    Neil, always true to your Art Thank You! 🙂 A fan since the Buffalo Springfield days Keep on Rockin bro

  16. john doe says:

    i have seen neil live many times but what i love most is that he keeps on goin thank u neil

  17. edgardo gregorini says:

    For the 4th july

  18. sébastien Michel says:

    long life for the best singer of World!thank you Neil

  19. Michael Swindal says:

    As long as your heart’s in the right place, that’s all that matters,
    all that matters now…

  20. Greeneyed Cat says:

    Why are here so many idiots spreading Negativity and where do they all come from?

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