Nelly Delivers Turned Up Performance Medley Of His Biggest Hits | Hip Hop Awards ’21

Nelly Delivers Turned Up Performance Medley Of His Biggest Hits | Hip Hop Awards ’21

I Am Hip Hop Award recipient Nelly delivered a turned up performance of his biggest hits including “Hot in Herre,” “Dilemma” and “Country Grammar.”


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53 Responses

  1. CRUNKCOCO says:

    Nelly was the best performance of the night respect legend 💯💯

  2. Luis Quintanar says:

    The nostalgia this performance gave me .. Stand up St. Louis!

    • The Enrichment Lab says:


    • Tasha Cauley says:

      I am proud to be from the Lou!

    • Von B says:

      @Tasha Cauley Indeed❤️

    • aisha haidara says:

      Honestly if they was going to crown Nelly as king of rap I wouldn’t mind. To be honest you never heard Nelly getting trouble. Nelly dating girl outside his age group never heard him doing that. Never heard him in any beef. None of that. He is a leader not a follower. He actually stands for what rap is about. Just fun and vibe yes we sing bout the struggle but Nelly did it in a neat way his viedos don’t promote violence. He would make hip hop look good and bring hip hop alive again. He humble too look how long its been. Nelly never complain about not being recognize. An he got recognized. He the only rapper that held on to God as well. As much as I like Tupac. I don’t think he should be the face of rap. Yes he is important because he only became important because of his death tho. Why we holding honor because someone died thats weird when you think of it. I think Nelly should be crowded. He showed us we can be rich without selling our souls. An without violence. Nelly is king of rap sorry my opinion. He doesn’t have to be in the game long. What he stood for should be what make him king. That just me being honest. We glorify negativity then Crown people for being negative. And that adjust backward way of thinking we should Crown people who are positive and do positive things for our community.

    • Denise Benson says:

      Yes… He So St. Louis. The Double R’s In Full Effect.

  3. Tony Partridge says:

    Nostalgia!!!! The 2000s era music hit sooo different! So many classics from then!

  4. Beezy Unique25 says:

    Nelly an icon. He has HITS he didn’t even play all his hits! Respect to him glad he’s doing well and demolished his performance✊🏾

  5. Jayla Jones says:

    Nelly has looked good his WHOLE life.

  6. Mhd Dirch Ankirmy says:

    I ain’t gonna lie when dilemma hits I looked back n said dayummmm time flies ah. U r the man Nelly 🙂

  7. NycKim says:

    The 2000s was really the last era of real hip hop.

  8. Tatenda Chipunza says:

    Huge shout out to the girls, they understood the assignment. Nelly top notch as usual.

  9. Eric Moore Jr backup account says:

    It’s crazy how the legends from the 90s and 2000s are the only ones that make bet awards seem more watchable than ever

  10. TF family says:

    Brings me back to my high school days. Music don’t sound like this anymore.

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