Neo Yokio | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Neo Yokio | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The greatest city in the world.

Starring Jaden Smith.
September 22.
Only on Netflix.

Watch Neo Yokio on Netflix:


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Neo Yokio | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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20 Responses

  1. Jeiilan says:

    So lil uzi got a anime show now

  2. Azurillkirby says:

    This looks like the worst thing I’ve ever seen.
    I’m very excited.

  3. Ameire Ayala says:

    This looks so bad that it’s good

  4. Benjamín Conde says:

    That’s some high cuality animations. Wow, Netflix, just, wow! Also you’re doing a series that doesn’t have a clear market.

  5. zBIGFRIIZZz says:

    IS THAT THE PLANTAIN SUPERNOVA???!!!?!?!?!??? 1:10

  6. Guitarwizard999 says:

    As soon as my girlfriend saw the name Jaden Smith…she said she did not want to watch this anymore 🙁

  7. Ryan Charles says:

    You guys are missing the point. Finally an anime starring black people with normal sized lips!

  8. kelenerz says:

    the animation isn’t even bad, in my opinion. it looks like any other 2005 cartoon/anime…

  9. Davis John Robert Young says:

    I love Vampire Weekend and I love several of the actors involved in this project, but this looks.. kind of abysmal.

  10. Undies says:


  11. Fabu McFabson says:

    I am… confused yet intrigued. I might actually check this out.

  12. All Black Everything says:

    *Its almost the weekend!…No school/no work.😄✌*

  13. collin rougeau says:

    It’s on my birthday so it better be a bomb birthday present.

  14. Key Nine [VIP] says:

    This is a joke isn’t it……

  15. steph potter says:

    soooo ya’ll cancelled The Get Down for this weak ass voice acting…?

  16. gladitsnotme says:

    I don’t get this humor… that means it’ll probably be good.

  17. cͫaͣuͯlfield says:

    i’d rather suck my own dick than watch this shit

  18. Unfladeldaby Doop says:

    My friend sent me this link with “JoJo Part 5 CONFIRMED” and now I’m super salty. I was so hype, until seeing this…
    I don’t care if this is supposed to be a parody — this looks like shit.
    I’m not mentioning this because Jaden Smith is black, but the Boondocks did a fantastic job incorporating Japanese animation styles with American styles (the only American “anime” I can think of that’s comical). I’m going to ignore the voice acting for now, because it might make more comedic sense in the show (the Boondocks may also have the single best English voice actors/actresses of any animated series I’ve ever seen) . As much as this is a parody of anime, I can’t help but feel that it’s also aimed at snotty, rich people humor and events they partake in, which may be too much for a show to cover equally or properly. And from the diversity of the characters already introduced, I don’t think this show is going to be concrete enough going forward.
    I read somewhere in the comments that someone is comparing this to Yu Yu Hakusho somehow…don’t. That was the first major anime I got into and damn was it fantastic.

  19. Anastasia Fine says:

    *For the 1% of you that see this*…. you’re amazing and I hope that you have a great day/night and that all of your dreams become a reality! 🙌
    Here’s to spreading more love around here! ❤️
    Ps. I’m trying to hit 2.8k (I’m so close! 😭) being a YouTuber is my dream! 💕

  20. kingdomkey31 says:

    If he was gonna do something he should have done it right

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