Nerf John Wick

Nerf John Wick

More Nerf Action!–zODlVs5-Rt45LBiTSy

When the price on an assassin’s head goes up each time he kills, it’s Nerf or nothing.

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20 Responses

  1. Pere Prujà i Magallon says:

    57 views, 200+likes (when I came)

  2. Solar Fizz says:

    im early! let me think of a joke! uhhh..let me check my notes!

    -bleach jokes-
    -your mumma jokes-
    -hitler jokes-
    -donald trump jokes-
    -racist jokes-
    -sexist jokes-
    -minecraft jokes-
    -poop jokes-

    shit! uhhh….

    must have took a while to clean up the bullets…ha…


  3. A Alagil says:

    When Nerf bullets gets turned into metal bullets. 0:02

  4. AleXDemCH_77 says:

    Second part, second part!!!

  5. Randomz712 says:

    may I make a suggestion for the next nerf video?
    *SUPER* *HOT*

  6. Kebab Gustav says:

    Here before it goes viral

  7. I Crash Your Game says:

    14 kills in this video, 43 shots fired by John.
    That means every shot was 0.3255813953 of a kill.
    78 people are killed in the original movie.
    Sticking with this ratio, Wick would have fired 239.5714286074 nerf bullets.
    The real question is: who would have picked them up afterwards?
    I think it would be the cleanup crew John hired. They would have to get paid though. How much?
    A pack of 30 N-strike bullets cost $10 AUD ($7.69 USD)
    It would take 7.9857142869 packs of 30 to use 239.5714286074 bullets.
    That means it would cost $79.857142869 AUD ($61.42 USD)
    A typical video game costs $80 AUD ($61.53 USD)
    Therefore, to clean up the (nerf) bullets in John Wick, you could pay the clean up crew by giving them 3 copies of John Wick: The Game.

    Who said math isn’t fun?

  8. Ágúst Valdemarsson says:

    are we going to ignore the nerf dart shoved into a guys head

  9. The Friendless Spy says:

    He once killed 3 men in a bar with a nerf dart…. A FUCKING NERF DART

  10. DangerousMiind ™ says:

    Corridor, you guys think you will ever make it to the big screen? this content is amazing

  11. Zenhater says:

    Its nerf or nothing

  12. Piemur1 says:

    It’s just those tiny little *thok* sounds for the darts instead of bullet shot sound effects just make me giggle every time.

  13. The Beefiest says:

    I once saw him kill three men in a bar… with a jolt blaster. With a fuckin’ jolt blaster.

  14. Kinos141 says:

    The action was good.
    How come Hollywood can’t make a decent movie unless it stars Keanu?

  15. Sting SniperScope says:

    Why is it that a YouTube parody of all things has a better understanding of action, cinematography, editing, and choreography than most multimillion dollar blockbusters?

  16. Martin Kočnar says:

    dude! your aimbot is better than soldier76

  17. SmarterEveryDay says:

    For some reason the sound design is what made this so awesome to me. I really liked the clicks and puffs. Thanks Sam and NIko! (and you too Wren).

  18. Risslight says:

    Is this the lowest budget of Corridor’s videos…

  19. OSAMA BIN LIFTIN says:

    It’s fake, he didn’t pick up the bullets.

  20. Benedict Brightside says:

    This should just be THE nerf gun commercial.

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