Nero Forte

Nero Forte

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Nero Forte · Slipknot

We Are Not Your Kind

℗ 2019 Roadrunner Records, Inc.

Bass: Alessandro Venturella
Assistant Engineer: Bo Bodnar
Masterer: Bob Ludwig
Assistant Engineer: Chaz Sexton
Vocals: Corey Taylor
Programming: Craig Jones
Editor: Dan Monti
Engineer, Producer: Greg Fidelman
Engineer: Greg Gordon
Drums: Jay Weinberg
Guitar: Jim Root
Mixer: Joe Barresi
Engineer: Jun Murakawa
Guitar: Mick Thompson
Engineer: Paul Fig
Engineer: Sara Killion
Percussion: Shawn Crahan
Backing Vocals: Shawn Crahan
Dj: Side Wilson
Producer: Slipknot
Writer: Slipknot

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75 Responses

  1. huey2k2 says:

    Corey really doesn’t like his ex-wife, eh?

  2. Zack Kamacho says:

    Ever since before this album released, it felt like a riot gate barricading is all but until this night, that barricade has broken. This album is a masterpiece ????????

  3. AlegreNadaAlegre says:

    1:14 La voz de Corey es simplemente magnífica. :”) ❤

  4. zeroinfinityzero says:

    This song is a mixture of Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Ohio.

  5. 456 789 says:

    “were not worthy”
    “I’m not wearing underwear”

  6. Johnny Miller says:

    I thought I’d never hear Corey rap again. This is crazy

    • zeroinfinityzero says:

      Kid Bookie feat Corey Taylor.

    • Khen Hopmans says:

      I have never heard Corey rap ever… and after this…
      I still haven’t ever heard Corey rap
      if rhyming in words is all it takes to be considered rap, then rap is as old as the Viking era. They would gather and have verbal battles where they would diss each other in rhymes, to come on top as most ruthless.
      Hell its probably older even then that… Way to go rap!!!

    • Galactic_Glxsses 421 says:

      Eminem and Corey Taylor would be so awesome

    • Vermilion says:

      Nu metal is back? 🙂

    • C Williams says:

      Johnny Miller vocal patterns.

  7. Egidio Marra says:

    Me: *screams*
    My neighbours: Is everything alright ? We heard you screaming.
    Me: Slipknot have released the new album !
    My neighbours: *screams*

  8. Chris says:

    Leaving us with sore necks… Slipknot that’s what you do best!

  9. EmilPiano Covers says:

    One thing people, buy the album and listen start to end. Its a whole story that you HAVE to experience in the right order. Worth it ?

    • Big brown nipplez says:

      Youtube is fucking up that experience though

    • INGetf INGaf says:

      Big brown nipplez it was the bands choice or the record company’s , too put it on yt

    • MonstaFreak13 says:

      whats the correct order?? Cus if this is wrong then i can just add these to a playlist andput them in the right way

    • EmilPiano Covers says:

      insert coin
      birth of cruel
      death cos death
      nero forte
      critical darling
      red flag
      whats next
      not long for this world
      solway firth

  10. carlopits says:

    Max Cavalera approved this intro riff

  11. Malachi Massey says:

    My head: Headache
    Slipknot: New Album

    My head: You shouldn’t be doing this!

  12. somewhere else says:

    am I the only one hearing “THE LIMITS OF THE DEAD” at 3:10 ?

  13. Jason Gaming says:

    Subl verses
    The gray chapter
    We are not your kind

    Slipknot 4 life

  14. Remko Ehrhardt says:

    Absolutely beautiful song! Amazing chorus, yeah this will be on repeat for a couple of decades

  15. Pavel Paseka says:

    Band: A badass drum solo would be cool.
    Jay: Hold my water..

    • TonyTheTyrant says:

      Pavel Paseka even though Joey is a solid drummer jay is very talented too and brought life back along with v-man
      I’m sure they both were able to help with this album and it sounds awesome

  16. Neotrunks1 says:

    “You can do your worst to me

    At the end of the day, that’s what youtube is”

    This is what I heard, and Im sticking with it.

  17. Gabriel Castorena says:

    Is nobody going to point out how he is spitting out like a god again?

  18. Jeremy Foot says:

    My neighbors get to listen to a new slipknot album. Isn’t that great!?

    • notyomomma's name says:

      If I was them I would join

    • lanfeusttreize says:

      The same for me….
      Except that I’m living in the south of France in a little cute village….
      They definitely think that I’m totally dumb even that I’ll pump up the volume ….
      They would kill me when I’ll works on the drums part in my basement…………..

    • extreme Lube says:

      You did them a favor they were only watching douche tubers anyways.

    • Jeremy Foot says:

      @lanfeusttreize wait what the hell bro?
      I live in south of France too. I live in menton. The last town before the italian border!!! Salute to you other MAGGOT FROM SOUTH OF FRANCE

    • Jeremy Foot says:

      @extreme Lube lol

  19. Carmen Salazar says:

    El guiño a Psychosocial a partir del minuto 3:00 con la bateria. ?

  20. HUsyn6661 says:

    Best song in the album, anyone agree?

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