Nery vs Figueroa HIGHLIGHTS: May 15, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

Nery vs Figueroa HIGHLIGHTS: May 15, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

Brandon Figueroa stopped Luis Nery by way seventh-round body shot knockout, becoming the WBA and WBC World Super Bantamweight Champion on May 15, 2021, live on SHOWTIME.

Fight Night Recap:

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41 Responses

  1. Fuck YouTube says:

    Nery deserved that for being an undisciplined fighter.

    • Miguel Angel says:

      This guy is a drunk and undisciplined

    • Lizeth Peña says:

      Lmaoooo, bet he would want to go back to Team Canelo!

    • Panda Red15 says:

      @Fuck YouTube y’all don’t know what you’re talking about. He left because he didn’t feel comfortable with their style.

    • Fuck YouTube says:

      @Panda Red15 so he feels comfortable with just eating shots and getting put on his ass?

    • OnePunchFatality says:

      @Godlike13 yamanaka is tied for the most defenses in bw history.
      Hes beat
      Moreno x2
      Liborio solis
      Ruenrong is a dirty cheater who had the benefit of fighting in his hometown and many robberies. Casimero quit against mthlane and lost to that bum jonas sultan

  2. Samuel Rodriguez says:

    They underestimated Figueroa big time. I’m happy he won. Kid got heart.

  3. J P says:

    They had a slugfest! Congrats to Figueroa for taking Nery’s 0.

  4. Victor Azpilcueta says:

    The Figueroa brothers are warriors, but they really really need to work on their defense.

    • real_g 30 says:

      @نعناع داكي Nery left eddy reynoso before this fight

    • DavesGamingTV30 says:

      @Jose Varela good fit but ryan garcia got dropped. Andy ruiz got dropped. Eddy is not the best trainer and is not the answer for everything. He’s an elite trainer

    • эдгээр самарыг орчуулах says:

      @Hanif Armida Canelo is a good example of a good balance of defense/offense

    • Cachos Corner says:

      Wining ugly counts.
      But ugly winning is Dreadful at best.

    • Hanif Armida says:

      @эдгээр самарыг орчуулах he doesnt punch as much as he used to be,and its getting boring. Thats why people starting hate him.

  5. Kevin Pimentel says:

    Nery complained about eddy reynosos defense style of boxing lol 😂

  6. Djbianca Frost says:

    Japanese boxing commission was celebrating now perhaps. 🥊😁

    • Haik Garcia says:

      @井上尚弥Naoya Inoue take it easy my coin eyes. Your garbage inoue its a bullshit

    • James Franko says:

      @Elvis Zambada let’s not act like Inoue hasn’t fought featherweight who’ bigger, far superior and experienced than Figueroa. Nery just got exposed.

    • Isak Levy says:

      @Ronnie *** the good ol tainted meat defense

    • Ronnie *** says:

      @Isak Levy Canelo ate the same tainted beef apparently.

    • Elvis Zambada says:

      @James Franko man what you talking about inoue has fought super flyweights and bantamweights that average 5’4 and reach of 64inches Figueroa is a natural lightweight at 5’8 and reach of 72inches I guarantee Inoue ducks him.

  7. Y I says:

    Congratulations and thank Figueroa from Japan.

  8. Tom Korakot says:

    Kid got heart. Nobody can save Nery this time.

  9. Javi Ruiz says:

    Damn I really thought Nery was gonna win by knockout not the other way around. Brandon is an amazing fighter and I’m a fan now.

  10. 1-HITTER says:

    At least we get to see more of his sister at weigh-ins and press conferences.

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