Nessa Talks Young Forever, Cooper’s Impact on Her Life, Mental Health, Religion & More

Nessa Talks Young Forever, Cooper’s Impact on Her Life, Mental Health, Religion & More

Nessa came by to break down her new album “Young Forever”, Cooper’s impact on her life, religion and finding faith, mental health and more

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988 – Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

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23 Responses

  1. Ello says:

    something i’ve noticed about nessa, is that she always blames herself for feeling a certain way. whether it’s literally mourning over the death of her closest friend, or attempting to end her life – she always points the finger back to her, and either gets embarrassed or angry at herself for reacting to her situations.

    It’s clear that the years of cruel and unimaginable things said to her by the internet, has taken its toll on her. and I genuinely hope that she’s found a sense of peace and love for herself within this superb album. She deserves nothing but love and healing, and i have endless amounts of respect for her 🤍

    • Mori Piepenbrink says:

      this !!! she seems so stressed here tho & u def can tell how much she hates exposin herself, cus imo she became famous way too quickly so shes not used to all the hate comments that ppl say abt her 24/7

    • Jade Smoben says:

      Because everybody gets mad at her for being open about her emotions. She just wants to make other people feel understood and feel like it’s ok to be emotional or struggle with mental health but she always gets shut down.

    • Day Trading with M says:

      This. Exactly this. I totally agree & she’s just the best.

  2. Josie Jarian says:

    The fact that she found God is the biggest blessing. God Bless you Nessa. The album is incredible.

  3. itsannalee says:

    Zach will forever be my fav interviewer he is Soo respectful towards all the artists on the show. I’m so beyond proud of nessa, she is sooo strong , she’s gone through so much especially with cooper passing 🕊️. Coop is looking down at her so proud of her. Nessa never holds back when it comes to her mental health and such a major advocate 🤍. I love her so much

  4. Madison Potter says:

    Nessa is continuing coopers legacy of destigmatizing mental health issues. She’s so brave, strong, and an amazing artist. So happy she’s around ❤

  5. Romy K says:

    I honestly cried during this podcast. Zach is so caring, Nessa is so pure and strong, i’ve honestly been feeling so low lately so hearing them talk about is comforting

  6. abi says:

    Nessa is such a talented and strong person. I love her so much

  7. Brielle Joy says:

    if there’s another young person listening to this who is experiencing grief, please hear me out-
    Yes, parts of you can die with that person.. but why do those parts have to die with them at all? “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”.
    I lost my sister & grandma suddenly/violently when I was 17, then as time’s gone on I’ve lost friends to od’s and family to illness- and in that moment between death and healing, there’s a constant reminder/realization that death and tragedy have the ability to take absolutely everything away from your spirit, you can freeze in time there or you can make the decision that even if it hurts and you don’t feel like it- you WILL move forward and you will learn and be better because of it.
    It’s not fair- but you can.
    I don’t know much about Nessa and came here because I enjoy Zach’s interviews, but wow my heart hurts for this sweet girl, but I so deeply hope she also overtime and healing can find the perspective that we allll have pain, and society has always been tough- but we didn’t progress with negativity and pessimism- we need to keep fighting the good fight, and we need to believe it can change- even if we have no reason to believe that.

  8. Finn Ryan says:

    the album is a masterpiece. nessa is so beautiful and im in awe of her strength

  9. Bella B says:

    I have been following nessa since New Jersey, she is my all time favorite artist and women ever. She had grown so much and her speaking on mental health is so real. No one ever shows the real truth and she has let her fans in. She is going to be huge and it’s coming quick

    • Mori Piepenbrink says:

      THIS OMG !! same tbh. I def think she’s growing & becomin so huge lately bc of how much she has dealt w icl. many ppl can relate to it so it acc makes em feel they arent alone.

  10. Brittany Becraft says:

    Zach always has the best interviews every person on he’s so respectful and asks the best questions

    • sally says:

      Absolutely. Zach treats the guests like people with lives, not some bags of drama to get gossip or views out of. He’s compassionate and it shows in the conversations he has with them.

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