Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Equal access to online information is once again under serious threat. John Oliver encourages internet commenters to voice their displeasure to the FCC by visiting

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19 Responses

  1. ImAnderZEL says:

    why do the land of the free have so many money hungry ghouls that hate freedom? Americans you got guns right? Well use them! 😉

  2. Jason Smith says:

    Tell your congressperson to support Net Neutrality call (202)225-3121 and ask them to connect you to your congressperson.
    P.S. The FCC site is not available so bug the shit out of congressperson to make sure they shoot down any proposal that kills net neutrality.

  3. billiondollardan says:

    This is exactly why you can’t be beholden to a political party. If you say you’re a staunch republican or democrat, your party will betray you every time. You have to think for yourself and listen to everyone’s opinion.

  4. Proochoob says:

    For those too busy to type:
    “I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs.”

  5. Nick D says:

    The link still works – it just takes a long time to load. I had the tab open for a few minutes and it came up eventually.

  6. Revanaught says:

    God dammit, with this and with the American Health Care Act…why the fuck do people still vote republican? It makes no sense to me. I guess I understand why the richest Americans vote Republican, but for 99% of people, I don’t know why they vote republican. It’s more often than not against your own best interests. I am so fucking done with this country.

  7. Edgar A.D. says:
    Fill out required info
    The copy/paste: I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs

  8. MobFactory: Andrea says:

    “Relative Obscurity”… #1 On Trending…


  9. LightningTurtle says:

    It doesn’t work on mobile, and I don’t have a pc. What do? ;-;

  10. Ain Stolkiner says:

    the site is not working, anyone else get this?

  11. Liam says:

    I’m just wondering, why is John Oliver on the top of the trending tab every day?

  12. Talooka says:

    that mug bit was perfect

  13. ijvo1951 says:

    Interesting to see how it affects Stock Market Trading…

  14. Steve Diament says:

    I wonder how Trump will attempt to unkill Osama Bin lADEN.

  15. daniel lara says:

    I love this guy <3

  16. LastWeekTonight says:

    *►►►►HelIo ! Since we just naiIed a Iot fans, *l Have A Small Surprise!*

  17. Meduallism says:

    hahahaha the page is taking forever to load. I ain’t even mad.

  18. RAHON The eevee says:

    I can’t do it when I type on google I’ll be treated to a blue screen

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