Netflix Introduces “Cringe-Watching”

Netflix Introduces “Cringe-Watching”

These shows will make you want to “Netflix and Kill Yourself.”

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20 Responses

  1. JammerGal2003 says:

    ( apparently im the only person in the world who likes adam sandler movies

  2. Kalo says:


  3. Berz says:


  4. DukDuk says:

    God this channel has slid down the drain…

  5. Etriuswimbleton says:

    I don’t even know Netflix…Yes…YES

  6. Filip Bezzels says:

    i know one channel that wont make you kill yourself! Me betches! :)

  7. Chuck Steak says:

    shitbeak lol, i like that

  8. DR. FLK says:

    i would use this

  9. Archiean69 says:

    Yes, you suck.

  10. joshjhutton says:

    I kept waiting for the joke. I’m still waiting.

  11. miles johnson says:

    what a shit heal

  12. Tubbs Tubbs. says:

    I’d watch slaying sadler.

  13. Harrison Knockers says:

    First time I actually disliked a CH video. All those pseudo documentaries
    made as a joke here need to be made and seen. The reason most people are
    apathetic to it is they never see it. So nothing in this video was funny to
    me. I understand the “joke”; it just wasn’t funny.

    The Adam Sandler stuff wasn’t funny either. Cracking jokes about his career
    now is like making fun of people with down syndrome. It’s fine to
    criticize, he is in the public eye after all. But clearly he is having a
    problem. In Pixels he behaved like somebody broke up with him before
    Christmas (yes, i know he is Jewish). It went past satire here into just
    kicking somebody while they’re down and being mean. Not fun mean. Just mean.

    Oh well. What do I know.

  14. Anthony o neill says:

    It’s funny that collage Humor presents this vid in an incredibly
    accusational and judgmental manner, but they’re always the ones that bring
    up the subject of Netflix to begin with.

    They’re practically free advertising, besides what else am I gonna watch?
    C,H’s crappie vids about women’s periods and how we as a society suck,

    I have news for you college humor, your not in college anymore, and your
    also a part of the society that your shit version of critical comedy is
    trying to parody… badly.

  15. Pattyobrien3 says:

    I think the best part were the adam sandler movie names. Those were all
    100% gold.

  16. Kasper O. says:

    Adam Sandler movie marathon *cough* Cobbler*cough*

  17. Jim Jones says:

    Of course white people being openly racist because black people cant be

  18. PacManZ5Z says:

    Man those documentary sound awesome

  19. Michael Aiyedun says:

    Why pay for Cringe watching when you can get it from almost any fandom

  20. John Tucker says:

    So Cringe Watching isn’t watching HowtoBasic?