Netflix Is A Joke | Emmys 2017 | Netflix

Netflix Is A Joke | Emmys 2017 | Netflix

Netflix is a joke. There, we said it. Brand new stand-up specials from Dave Chappelle, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock, and Jerry Seinfeld are coming soon. Only on Netflix.



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Netflix Is A Joke | Emmys 2017 | Netflix

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20 Responses

  1. Literally Shitler says:

    I loved this because Netflix showed off some of the funniest comedians of our time but left out Amy Schumer. Thank you for that. Because she isn’t a comedian.

  2. Jhn says:

    Amy Schumer is a joke

  3. Jack Nicholas says:

    Ellen can really kill a joke.

  4. VjOnItGood81 says:

    Dave and Chris had a Regular Show moment!

  5. Eric Huecker says:

    10/10 anyone who worked on this needs a raise.

  6. ooooglat says:

    Netflix should just do a giant Netflix originals crossover.

  7. Space Cadet says:

    they put the reflections in the mirror. respect from one nerd to another. i noticed

  8. john Carlos says:

    Netflix I have s feeling you’ll regret making that your tag line. You say something enough and you’re going to believe. I only say it cause I love Netflix

  9. Farouk H.T says:

    god Ellen is so shit and it really shows here when she’s put with these legends

  10. Anton Pictures says:

    Nextflix is not a joke. It is just a stock market bubble money hack.

  11. ohwhye says:

    “You’re not ready.”

  12. HSM IT Services says:

    Ellen didn’t have a reflection in the mirror at the end.

  13. Joy Johnson says:

    Please let this be a show, please dave and rock and ellen come on netflix make it happen

  14. A F says:

    I used to find these people funny a decade or two ago too.

  15. First name Last name says:

    Yo WHO IS ASKING FOR STANDUP??? I want Netflix to put up some good fucking movies. Not gay ass fucking standup. Netflix IS a joke but for all the wrong reasons.

  16. Raz Edits says:

    Great, you got the some of the worst comedians. This is a joke.

  17. Wahid Rahman says:

    LOL. They don’t even bother to put Sense8 on this #JusticeForSense8

  18. a al says:

    one of them is not like the others …. guess who ?

  19. KuciMane says:

    I want Teen Titans (original) on Netflix! AND A SIXTH SEASON

  20. CrackOn says:

    Death Note 2017: “you tell me.”

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