Nets trade Kyrie Irving to Mavericks for Dinwiddie, Finney-Smith & draft picks | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Nets trade Kyrie Irving to Mavericks for Dinwiddie, Finney-Smith & draft picks | NBA | UNDISPUTED

After requesting a trade on Friday, Kyrie Irving is being traded to the Dallas Mavericks according to reports. The Brooklyn Nets will receive Dorian Finney-Smith, Spencer Dinwiddie, a first and two second-round picks for Kyrie who will now be teaming up with Luka Doncic in Dallas. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to the latest Kyrie Irving news.

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Nets trade Kyrie Irving to Mavericks for Dinwiddie, Finney-Smith & draft picks | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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43 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Listen to State of the Union:

    • kevin walsh says:

      Kyrie lied to 10k Celtics 🍀🏀 fans, he’ll sign “if you’ll have me.” Cuban will have him whacked if he weasels his way out of re-signing

    • JesusIsKing says:

      @True Prophit chill out with that fool. why you gotta whine about everything and turn everything into race. you should have talked when shannon was talking about everyone should get the shot. if kyrie gets traded to the lakers tomorrow shannon will say he’s the best point guard in the game. but uncle tom? tf that come from.

    • True Prophit says:

      Uncle Shay is the new Uncle Tom

    • JesusIsKing says:

      @Hercules Hpick up sabonis and they got a ring

    • Sherm Hart says:

      Can’t wait to hear more retards talk

  2. Nick Mitrevska says:

    It still blows my mind how the Nets trade away a half decades worth of first round picks not once, but TWICE in their franchise history for just 1 playoff series win. Wow. Just wow.

    • Timmy Nguyen says:

      Don’t matter if it’s the Knicks or nets… New York basketball is not represented by the nba at all 😂

    • Josh L. says:

      It’s like they haven’t learned their lesson and are doubling down on it 😂😂😂

    • Ben says:

      Sounds like something the Browns did🤦

    • Keith Joseph says:

      More teams need to take this chance. There are no better examples than the past quarter century of New York and Chicago’s pathetic drafts.

    • whatudoin1 says:

      honestly i can´t hate on them …they took a risk with PP and KG back then …same thing with Kyrie ,KD and Harden. i rather have a franchise like this than the magic ,pistons,rockets who aren´t getting any better . They put their trust in 2 future hall of fame players who quit on them .Doesnt matter how great of a gm you are ,you can´t predict everything

  3. Billy Maltez says:

    A very calculated move from Dallas. The west is so open that the time was now and so far this is the best chance for Luka to win a ring. But that’s a big IF cuz Kyrie is soo unpredictable

  4. Suvir Sinha says:

    As a Mavericks fan, the fact than Skip and Shannon are actually agreeing on this makes me a little nervous.

    • MooseKnuckle says:

      @Hugo the question is can you beat the Nuggets in the playoffs?

    • L Tesla says:

      Big mistake Dallas, Headaches. It’s only a matter time. KD and LeBron Approved it

    • T says:

      @HugoI’m curious to see how Luka reacts when his stats drop.

    • Hugo says:

      @SPQR – Dinwiddie is literally bottom-15 in defense in the whole league. As a Mavs fan I love him and we’ve needed his scoring and playmaking like fresh water this season, but Kyrie is an upgrade in offense AND defense on him. Taking into account the load Kyrie takes off of Luka offensively, Doncic’s going to be able to spend energy defensively. We’ve also added Markieff Morris, who definitely isn’t DoeDoe, but he can hold his own. All in all, Mavs might become a bit worse defensively (I’m very sure it’s not going to drop massively), but what Kyrie brings offensively more than makes up for it.
      Mavs are much better in terms of assets and talent, the questions are how much of Kyrie’s antics are we going to see and how available is he going to be.

    • Toxic King says:

      @Vince Shannon is also a big luka fan, even he knows his team isn’t winning a title

  5. Roman K. says:

    For Dallas this trade is not about acquisition of Kyrie or loss of 2 good players, it’s about keeping Luka happy and trying to build around him. If Cuban perceives him as franchise player as he thought of Dirk, he’ll do everything possible to bring necessary force around Luka to make the Mavs champions again. Now he’s young and they continue figuring out what tipe of co-star could fit him.
    In my opinion good center who can score and defend like Jared Jackson or PF like Zion could be a good fit but they are impossible to get by now. Kyrie for certain will not fit well, Skip got good point here regarding their usage and dribbles.

    • Hammer Tyme says:

      Kyrie is a cancer that’s going to ruin Luka’s career!!
      Since when has kyrie made anybody he’s played with better or happy?
      Go head I’ll wait…

    • Cee Bee says:

      We will see which one can give assists like Harden.

    • Jason L says:

      kyrie will not make anyone he plays with happy

    • Precisism says:

      “Kyrie for certain will not fit well” is so damn wrong it hurts. Stop buying into Skip’s casual analysis man.

    • Joe Sutherland says:

      Completely wrong on all levels. Last season showed the Mavs exactly the type of co star Luka needs and that’s a guy who can score and facilitate to help him get more off ball touches and easier buckets and not exhaust himself doing everything. Luka doesn’t need a all star big man he can make an average center look good he just needs them to defend and catch lobs.

  6. Jeffrey Edwards says:

    Brooklyn went from KD, Harden, and Kyrie which seemed to be a guaranteed championship. To KD and their second highest paid player averaging seven points a game.

  7. Manimal says:

    They can work well together, however they need to address their weak interior defence and rebounding still if they want to go far into the postseason.

  8. Mister Crockett says:

    They have all these opinions about Kyrie but Kyrie isn’t allowed to have his own because they want to control his narrative for him. “Something’s going on” but nobody mentions how poorly ran the “organization” is? 😒

    • Paul Le Fevre says:

      Nobody is stopping Kyrie from having his own opinion, they can’t, nobody can. Nobody is controlling any narrative either, that statement gets trotted out any time someone doesn’t like what they’re hearing. These two are discussing a trade, the details of it and the expected outcomes, that’s what they do, it’s their job. At no point did either of them say anything that was not true or factual and of the content that was ‘opinion’, that is founded by a very long and well-documented history of failure and head-scratching nonsense. So if you love Kyrie, it’s going to be uncomfortable listening and you’re not going to like it.

  9. Texas Made88 says:

    Luka is a team player… he just didn’t have a consistent playmaker on his side, pretty sure Luka won’t have a issue with giving Kyrie the ball… Let’s Go Mavs

    • AaronExile says:

      @Hammer Tyme you are right but Kyrie is wanting a huge contract so he will probably be on his best behavior for the rest of the season. Kyrie not being a distraction is much more valuable than Dinwiddie, DFS, and a ’29 1st. The Mavs can flip Kyrie for a good haul in a sign and trade in the offseason 😅

    • Hammer Tyme says:

      @Texas Made88
      It’s about winning. You ain’t gonna win with just kyrie and Luka. Kyrie ain’t no spring chicken. He’s an injury pron, overrated, whinny crybaby, that’s gonna want 50mil a year.
      I thought Cuban was a smart business man.

    • AaronExile says:

      @Mohar Ikram DFS didn’t do much paint protection. He was a great perimeter defender tho, but Green has shown to be nearly as good but wayyy better on offense so DFS became available. The Mavs still have Wood, Kleber, Powell, McGee, Bertans and now Morris as big men. They still arent done looking for a big that can help their defense and rebounding tho. Wood if available and hopefully his value is pretty high right now. Wood and ’27 1st rd pick may be enough to get someone good 🤔

    • Texas Made88 says:

      @DeeJay lol nah it’s irrelevant to my comment, y’all tryna tell me shiii that I already know 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Bryan King says:

      @Boss Playa60 overkill until they run into the warriors again (night night 🤭)

  10. Tre K says:

    Nobody understands the Brunson situation. It was nearly impossible to re sign him with the amount of bad contracts we have rn. And if we did then we’re the same team as last year.

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